St. Louis International Film Festival 2014

November 13 through 23: St. Louis International Film Festival

Courtesy of St. Louis International Film Festival

Selected reviews of the 2014 St. Louis International Film Festival screenings.


Courtesy of Cinema St. Louis

Thomas Allen Harris’ newest documentary, "Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and The Emergence of a People," is many things: poignant, honest, and, at times, downright painful to watch. Read more


Pray's new film, "Levitated Mass," screens this Sunday at the St. Louis International Film Festival, which is bestowing the filmmaker with this year's Contemporary Cinema Award. Read more


Did you miss last weekend’s sold-out screenings of Foxcatcher at St. Louis International Film Festival? Well, most people did, so you’re not alone. But don’t worry: The illustrious festival wraps its 23rd iteration with plenty more... Read more


We chatted with the comedian, writer, and St. Louis native (whom you may know better from his much-loved "Bob and Tom Show") about his new film, which opens tonight at SLIFF. Read more


Avelo and St. Louis native screenwriter Timothy J. Sexton are plainly focused on creating a Latin American version of that cinematic chestnut, the Oscar-bait historical prestige epic. Read more


This film's comic sensibility is colloquial, acidic, and slightly absurd, recalling the early works of Richard Linklater and Kevin Smith. Read more


Want to start a fight? Get a bunch of couples together and ask, innocently over dinner, whether everyone believes that cheerleading is a real sport, on par with football or basketball... Read more



Photography courtesy of Josh Rolens

Bob Reuter left a mark on his hometown. It could be called a complicated one, to be sure, but the photographer, radio raconteur, and musician made an impression on countless South City rock stars, wannabes, and weirdos before his death in 2013. Read more