St. Louis At Home Jan/Feb 2016

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Husband-and-wife architects Brent Crittenden and Sarah Gibson studied, lived in, and explored the modern-built environments of Rotterdam, London, and New York City for 10 years before moving to St. Louis in 2005. Read more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Bernie Lee recently spent three weeks in Southeast Asia—one week each in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam—researching products, dishes, and techniques that could be integrated into the menu at Hiro Asian Kitchen. Read more


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Photograph by Jennifer Silverberg

Never buy art to match anything,” urges David Kent Richardson, interior designer and antiques dealer. “Buy it because you love it. I’d rather frame a child’s crayon drawing than buy decorator art from a big-box store. Always follow your heart. Sure, Read more

Visual Arts


Illustration by Kevin Whipple

Beneath the drywall, between the studs, is a dizzying array of artifacts from their lives: pictures of friends and neighbors who helped with the renovations; playbills from decades of shows at the Fox Theatre; posters from Mardi Gras and The Shanti. Read more

Interior Design

We went looking for statement pieces and decorative items. Then, we asked two St. Louisans—both dedicated to the art of the home—to review our finds. Read more

Interior Design

Randy Renner of Period Restoration uncovers the beautiful, preexisting elements of old homes. Read more



Photography courtesy of Mademan Design

For Nick Adams of Mademan Design, the modern Richmond Heights residence he built was a turning point. Read more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Designer Jay Eiler offers tips on how to treat the often overlooked area. Read more

Interior Design


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

For decades, it was the place to browse for Victorian antiques. Over the past decade, though, the strip’s become younger, hipper, more contemporary. Read more

, Design


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Since opening its doors in April 2014, Union Studio has grown to showcase 30 artists’ works. The design of the rattan chair pictured here represents a collaboration by three craftspeople, including the studio’s owner, Mary Beth Bussen. Read more


Photo organizing takes time, but the results last forever. Read more


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Photography by Alise O'Brien

The decision to add a touch of blue to every room of the house is fitting, seeing as how the couple feels most at home near the water. In the summer of 2013, the homeowners moved inland and found themselves far from the ocean for the first time in 15 Read more

Interior Design


Photography by Carmen Troesser

Two and a half years ago, Melissa Margraf and husband, Michael, along with their four children, moved into a stylish French country home in Frontenac. “It’s really the style of the house that I loved,” says Melissa. Read more

Interior Design

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Photography by Alise O’Brien

In the age of online shopping, the interior designer still values seeing, and feeling, materials in person. Read more

Interior Design