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Brookings gigs regularly with Steve Ewing, Brothers Lazaroff, Jesse Gannon’s The Truth and Samba Bom. He also pinch-hits for a host of other groups, a solid, first-call choice for acts that run across funk, soul, rock, Americana and more. Read more


Damon Davis has a reputation as a mover and shaker within his communities, of which several exist, as he works in: video/film, design, visual art, music, and more. Read more



Courtesy of Katie Lochhead

If you’re a reader of SLM or the arts blog, you’ve seen her stuff—her intricate pen-and-ink drawing was featured on the cover of John Donavan’s “Bernadette” EP, which we covered a few months ago. Read more

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Our Thursday "7 Questions," series rolls on; this week, we chat with Casey Bazzell of The Dam Dams. Read more



Work by Ashli England; courtesy of the artist

The Art Bar hosts a Cherokee-centric group show tomorrow night, and multimedia artist Ashli England will spend part of the evening doing face-painting; she answered our 7 Questions as part of our biweekly chat with local artists. Read more

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Courtesy of Geoff Naunheim and Gabe Karabell

Geoff Naunheim and Gabe Karabell share one workplace and two bands. That kind of proximity and creative relationship means they probably share a few other influences. Cassette tapes, for example: it’s their preferred method of releasing music. Read more



Photograph by Thomas Crone

As a visual artist as well as musician, Lysaght tackles our first ever two-fer, tackling both sets of questions (which, it’s true, do bear some striking similarities!). But ever the trooper, Lysaght banged out both sets. Read more

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Bassist Mark Wallace

Check out Thomas Crone's Thursday chats with area musicians and artists (including bassist Mark Wallace, above). The same seven questions recur every time out; the answers, obviously, are as unique as the people sending them back. Read more



Photograph courtesy of Ken Wood

Wood has not one, but two exhibits opening this weekend: one at Space, the other in Kansas City. Read more

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Photograph courtesy of Mark Wallace

A busy type, bassist Mark Wallace splits his musical time among three projects: Tommy Halloran’s Guerrilla Swing, Mt. Thelonious, and Adonis Blue. Read more



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As if Cherokee needed another interesting hook for fans of art and music, the Kismet Creative Center’s taken root at the intersection of Cherokee and Iowa. We talked to the principals behind the operation, Tom Maher and Sonia Dae Slankard. Read more

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Courtesy of Uvee Hayes

Every two weeks, we ask the same seven questions of a member of the St. Louis music community and we visited with Hayes, digitally, for this week’s edition. Read more


Drummer Kaleb Kirby’s the lead-off hitter for our every-other-week series of conversations with area musicians. These questions will recur every time out; the answers, obviously, will be as unique as the people sending them back. Read more


Black James (Jennifer McDaniel)

Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Of late, Black James has been on a tear, releasing and performing music while creating a host of intriguing pieces of art. For those of us familiar with her musical work, seeing the visuals arriving more frequently has been a treat. Read more

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Photograph by Virginia Harold

As we do every other week, we asked seven questions—this time of two, connected artists, Lana Camp and Jamie D. Jessop. Read more

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Bill Streeter

Photograph by Bowls MacLean

Talking to filmmaker Bill Streeter about his documentaries, his annual Lo-Fi Cherokee videos, and his process as an artist. Read more

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It’s not as if Peat Wollaeger’s endeavors haven’t been covered over the years. But this weekend, the well-known stencil artist is taking his Eyez brand to a new level... Read more

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Photograph collage by Jarred Gastreich

A talented young cat, Jarred Gastreich’s found his place in the local photographic community through some editorial work (he was a mainstay with the old St. Louis Beacon and currently contributes t... Read more

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Illustration by Paige Brubeck

Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult make up Sleepy Kitty Music , a band, and Sleepy Kitty Arts , a design and screenprinting concern. Headquartered in the City’s South Side, the pair’s also the principal... Read more

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Courtesy of Curtis Tinsley

A couple of quick bits of disclosure: For this every-other-week, digital conversation with local visual artists, I’ve known, to varying degrees, many of the subjects featured so far. But this time ... Read more

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