September 2005

Chesterfield’s the setting for Return of the Swank Steakhouse, starring the new Xanadu - St. Louis, MO. Read more

At the National Club Swimming Association Junior Nationals, Liz Smith set the fastest time ever for the 200 breaststroke. Read more

A native of Germany with an abiding interest in artists of exile, Sabine Eckmann arrived here as curator of Washington University's Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in 1999. Read more

Every year, thousands of visitors descend on the Victorian mountain village of Eureka Springs. Read more

Namesake Henry Shaw would smile approvingly if he could see how this neighborhood is thriving. Read more

Deepened and changed by his father's death, Jay Farrar makes the first Son Volt record in five years, a return to soaring rock 'n' roll. Read more

Sait Louis Symphony Orchestra. Read more

Personal shoppers make sure your wardrobe’s sending the right message. Read more

ASK any local clotheshorse: The shopping scene in St. Louis has changed dramatically in the last five years. St. Louis used to be one of those Midwestern cities where the divide between what you saw in fashion magazines and what you could find in local stores was an unbridgeable gulf. Read more


Photographs by Scott Rovak

David Robertson had already been named the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra's music director-designate, but he had yet to begin the job. That evening, for the first three-fourths of the program, he sat onstage, too, in the last row of folding chairs. Read more


Photographs By Jay Fram

In nursery school, we learned the rule - Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. But performing-arts critics seem to be the exception. They wield a lot of power - especially in St. Louis’ limited media market—and few performers are brave (or stupid) enough to defend themselves or their peers. Read more


Photograph By Dilip Vishwanat

I like to call Maplewood the 15-year overnight sensation," jokes Rob Birenbaum. "A diverse group of people worked from the early 1980s on--and, seemingly all at once, everything came together." Read more