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Kevin A. Roberts

Quirky comestibles quell culinary connoisseur’s concerns. Read more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

An occasional case of déjà vu is an on-the-job hazard of mine. Such was the case when I went to The Shaved Duck not long ago, and I got the sneaking suspicion that I’d been there before…because I had. A few years back, this location was Pestalozzi Place, an adorable little... Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Pastries and vegetarian finger food receive artful treatment here. Read more

Starry "I'd" in Clayton Read more

At this barbecue spot, the sides take center focus. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

In the midst of restaurant closings, this one expands. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Don't judge a book by its cover ... or a restaurant by its cavalier name. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

The Loop mainstay is still just short of "ultimate" status Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

A vegan “deli”? And it’s in Chesterfield? Read more


Burger Bar Photograph by Katerhine Bish

Burger Bar, Asia, House of Savoy, and The Kitchen Buffet and Bistro Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

If they ever decide to spin off an Extreme Makeover: Restaurant Edition series from that Ty Pennington show, St. Louis’ own Everest Café and Bar could serve as a pretty great template for how to do it. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

We are now a city of pancetta at 3 a.m Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

There are as many items on the menu at Mi Ranchito as there are people in Mexico. If you don’t find that joke very clever, rest assured that there is, in fact, nothing funny about the size of Mi Ranchito’s bill of fare. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Get hip, cats and kittens, to a brand-new scene. You rockabilly kids will think it’s peachy keen. It’s called Deluxe, only sets ya back a few bucks. Ain’t nothin’ real “fine” about this place to dine, but it sure is fast, cheap and a bit out of control—perfect for those who like to rock ’n’ roll. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

The best chef in the world, to me, is the one who, when you are hungry, is close by and willing. So everybody, meet Clara Moore, general manager and chef at Local Harvest Café. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Zoe Robinson’s Bobo is anything but so-so. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Call Mattingly Brewing Company a big-tent pub and bistro. Read more



Photograph by Katherine Bish

I'm an Italian from New Jersey. I have rules about pizza. RULE NO. 1: ALL PIZZA IS GOOD PIZZA. Pizza is hard to mess up. And even if you do manage to mess it up, you're still lucky to have yourself ... Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

If you keep heading south on Gravois, you'll eventually drive right off the face of the Earth. Did you know that? Someday it will be scientifically proven that Gravois is so punishingly long, boring, ... Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Ever find home in a place you've never been? Ever smell nostalgia the instant you pass through a brand-new door? Read more