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Photo by Henry Adebonojo

Based on a 2014 memoir by New York Times columnist and commentator Charles M. Blow, 'Fire' is being given its world premiere this month by Opera Theatre of St. Louis and Jazz St. Louis. Read more



Photo (c) Ken Howard, courtesy of Opera Theatre St. Louis

While the first half of the show is a near model of decorum and serenity, the second half, once rolling, is by the finale a theatrical riot sparkling with grunge and glitter. Read more

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This opera may make you weep, but through weeping comes moral and cultural nourishment. Read more

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Photo © Ken Howard, courtesy of Opera Theatre of St. Louis

The result—for the company and its audiences—is a full cup of genius. Read more

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Photo (c) Ken Howard, 2018

Especially played against the easy money and immoral complicities and fecklessness of life today in these disjointed United States, Verdi's opera is like a storm warning—an observation that the worst is yet to come. Read more

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Courtesy of Circus Flora

Talent, charisma, and moxie are all parts of the magic puzzle that is Circus Flora. Read more

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Photo by Ken Howard, courtesy of Opera Theatre of St. Louis

O'Leary's tenure with OTSTL represents some amazing moments, including the premiere of the stunning jazz opera "Champion." Read more

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Sixty years ago today, nine African-American students slipped in the back door of Little Rock Central High School for their first full day of class. Robert Duffy remembers their struggle—and a very special house that was central to it. Read more



Photo by Yi Zhang/Washington University

As the pin oaks on the Danforth campus reached the end of their life cycle, students and faculty used it as an opportunity to explore ecology, design, history, and place. Read more




There is non-binding parallelism in the fact that "Titus" is Mozart’s last opera, and Saturday marked the beginning of final stretch of music director Stephen Lord’s progress toward retirement. Read more

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Photo by Ken Howard

Philip Glass and librettist Christopher Hampton have brought forth a warped, through-the-looking-glass world from Kafka's novel. Read more

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Photo (c) Ken Howard, 2017, courtesy of Opera Theatre of St. Louis

Giacomo Puccini’s masterpiece is more, so much more, than a congregation of music so exquisite it takes your breath away and makes you weep. Read more

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Photo (c) Ken Howard, 2017, courtesy of Opera Theatre St. Louis

In all aspects, it is outstanding and troubling—a tale sung for our time as well as the Depression. Read more

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Photo by Martin Schweig III

The fine-art photographer was much more than just an artist: he ran a gallery, rescued animals, fought for the preservation of nature and historic buildings. And as a third generation St. Louisan, his love for the city was bred in the bone. Read more

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Photograph by Jan Liesegang, courtesy of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Three exhibitions that might appear to be unrelated actually form a taut trinity, one that challenges, informs and perhaps subverts our notion of this thing we call “home.” Read more

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Dilip Vishwanat

Acclaimed Modernist architect Isadore Shank designed his family home—and other St. Louis masterpieces—with serene clarity. Now his three sons fight the Philistines to preserve his legacy. Read more