Raphael Maurice


Courtesy of the artist

"Books have a huge influence on my process. Most recently 'Ariel' by Sylvia Plath and the essays of Susan Sontag have been in the forefront of mind." Read more

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The end isn’t coming. It’s here. Read more


Whitmore’s most recent record, Radium Death, deals in the universal themes of loss and redemption. Read more



Marina Chavez

Kurt Vile and the Violators are playing Tuesday, August 23, at the Pageant. Read more



Photograph by Matt Pence

The Centro-Matic and South San Gabriel frontman is crossing the country, playing intimate house concerts in a handful of cities. Read more



Photograph by Nick Karp, courtesy of Bloodshot Records

He'll be at Off Broadway this Sunday with Kristo and The Strange Places to play a free, all-ages show. Read more



Photograph by Bradford Jones

The band plays Blueberry Hill this Friday, with a set list that's sure to include some of the snide, beautiful, and very political songs off the new record. Read more



Photograph by George L. Blosser

The Yawpers are touring on their latest full-length, "American Man," an album that roars and howls and puts a good deal of other rock records to shame. Read more


Wrekmeister Harmonies by Katie Hovland.jpg

Photograph by Katie Hovland

Chicago composer J.R. Robinson's latest project looks at the darkest side of human nature—and assembles an ear-bendingly talented group of musicians, including Olivia Block, Alexander Hacke, and Marisa Nadler. Read more


Metcalf, who's been compared to Elliot Smith and Sufjan Stevens, makes a stop at Evangeline's on February 29. Read more


Next up: HEARDing Cats' Rich O'Donnell, video artist Van McElwee, and Ben Kaplan of The Vaad. Read more



Photograph by Mark Wiley

The show opens February 20, with work from Hilary Bird of Wabi Sabi Textile Co., fine artist and potter Kahlil Irving, Angela Malchionno of The Enamel Project, and graphic designer and printmaker Kevin McCoy of Work/Play. Read more

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Turner—though singing songs at times of London and Samuel Johnson—will mesmerize the audience at the Pageant on December 11. SLM chatted with him about his new record, his songwriting process, and his new book. Read more



Photograph by Mark Willey

A special pair of glasses lets colorblind artist Ray Harvey see a full range of color for the first time in his life. SLM joined him at the St. Louis Art Museum as he first tried them on. Read more

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The native Kentuckian and former Sub Pop artist has a new record—and a new, self-founded label, OK Records. Read more



Photograph by Otis Gibbs

On their latest release, "South Broadway Athletic Club," we find Mr. Brian Henneman writing his best tunes yet, songs that are humorous, sad, and straightforward. Read more



Photograph courtesy of Ray Harvey

We talked with Ray Harvey, the artist behind the new 900-square-foot mural. Read more

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We talked to the irreverent Nashville duo about music, and....well, being irreverent. Catch 'em at The Demo on October 22. Read more


We talked to drummer John Covertino about the band's new record, "Edge of the Sun," life in Mexico City, and reading numerous books while on the road. Read more


Beach House comes to The Pageant on September 27, touring on its fifth studio release, "Depression Cherry." Read more

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