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In a June report, the federal government publicly conceded that exposure to radiological contaminants polluting the creek “could increase the risk of developing bone or lung cancer, leukemia or (to a lesser extent) skin or breast cancer.” Read more

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Brookings listed St. Louis alongside such cities as Brooklyn and Queens, New York; Philadelphia, Pittsburgh; and Baltimore as demonstrating strong economic performance compared with other older cities. Read more

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House Committee Bill 16 proposes that, in simplest terms, if a food didn’t begin with a moo, cluck, oink, or baa, then it can’t be called “meat.” One omnivorous dining critic weighs in on the matter. Read more


Student Gun Protests

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Old people just don’t get it when it comes to kids and gun control. Read more

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The challenge is for local officials, business leaders, citizens, and media to come together in—gasp!—a regional approach. Read more

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What a wondrous thing this is—actually, “historic”—that a company that says it facilitated 289,000 guest arrivals in the state last year would finally be “allowed” to collect and remit sales taxes on $28.9 million in 2017 income earned by its hosts. Read more

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Painful as it might be, reentering the MLS competition is worth doing—but only if it’s on a level playing field. Read more

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Despite Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder, moral unfitness, and totalitarian impulses (my words, not Danforth’s), the president remains quite popular in this increasingly red state. Read more

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The massive hit to Missouri’s reputation from the NAACP action might have been avoided, had the Republican majority not conducted itself in such a disgusting fashion. Read more

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If publicly opposing the state's new voter ID law means you were part of a “misinformation campaign,” as Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft suggested, then consider the author guilty as charged. Read more

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Wonder if the five owner-defendants who also own MLS teams are enjoying it? Read more




Unless the nation returns to a rational discussion of immigration reform, don’t expect that to change. Read more

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This week, it was announced that St. Louis Public Schools could soon regain full accreditation. The news might hurt the narrative of those who claim the district is permanently inept. Read more

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The race for the 78th District state representative seat made local history when the courts took away Penny Hubbard’s initial victory over upstart challenger Bruce Franks Jr. because of absentee voter irregularities. Read more

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St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson and other vocal critics damage the entire criminal justice system by maligning the judges. Especially without cause. Read more

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Positive feelings about the loop trolley are hard to find. Here are some reasons to warm up to the idea. Read more

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Why the zoo should stop being free to tourists Read more

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Making homophobia a sacred right in Missouri Read more

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Lawmakers brandish their absurdity—again. Read more

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The Ways and Means Committee of the Board of Aldermen will vote on whether to fund a new stadium, a day after NFL vice president Eric Grubman all but declared the new stadium project dead. Read more


I first met Tony Thompson at the University of Kansas. He and I were “St. Louis 'Hawks,” the crew at KU from St. Louis. We were freshman living on The Hill, where he resided in Ellsworth Hall, and I lived in Templin Hall... Read more

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Over the past 50 years, the number of St. Louis County executives has equaled the number of popes. That would be five... Read more

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