October 2006

Artist Larry Krone comes to town to flash his underpants of many colors By Lindsey St. Clair If there’s something Larry Krone misses about St. Louis besides his family and friends, it’s the food.... Read more

Cops love them, but intersection cameras are driving some in the city into a red rage By David O’Neill Florissant and Arnold have them. Brentwood is considering them, and St. Peters is in the proc... Read more

Syncopatin’ Fate By Stefene Russell Fate Marable was red-haired, short of temper, equally at ease with ballroom pianos and riverboat calliopes—and his rigor as a bandleader was legendary. Musician... Read more


Her grandfather worked at Brown Shoe; her grandmother designed couture sandals By Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photographs courtesy of Tiffany and Co. Elizabeth Brady was sipping wine with her husba... Read more

Blues captain By Leslie Gibson McCarthy Photograph by Mark Buckner If there’s a heart and soul of the St. Louis Blues, it’s team captain Dallas Drake, a lunch-pail guy who plays with guts and de... Read more

All it took to resolve my identity crisis was a dented appliance and dinner at a storefront Italian restaurant By Aaron Belz My wife and I suffered a ratty old Hotpoint refrigerator for almost two... Read more

With Hoorah for the Bra , Cheree Berry’s cup runneth over By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Matthew Halverson If there’s one indisputable fact in this Victoria’s Secret–commercials–in–primetim... Read more

By Martha K. Baker Photographs by Ashley Heifner Journalist Edward R. Murrow brought his cameras to Affton to film the class of 1950 for his television show See It Now. He found mostly white pupil... Read more

Commander of the county crime lab By Ellen F. Harris Photograph by Scott Rovak Lt. Kevin Lawson shakes his head in frustration and clicks off CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. “This show gives o... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland “My mother’s father was the chief justice of Eritrea,” says Mengesha Yohannes, “and my father was an Ethiopian nobleman.” Yohannes ... Read more

By Susan Manlin Katzman Remember the food scene in Oliver , in which kids bang on a table as they belt out “Food, Glorious Food”? Today, the whole world has taken up the chant. Foodies not only sin... Read more

The competition in Red Bull’s soap box race is getting downright cheesy By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Mark Gilliland There are a handful of things you can reasonably expect to never see in ... Read more

Doctors, lawyers and Steve the copier guy get their geek on this month at Archon By Daniel Durchholz Photograph courtesy of Linda Zang Nearly everyone has been to a place that could be mocked as... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Want to sip some wine at the base of a scenic hill by the water but can’t stomach another weekend of Franzia at your cousin’s shack at the Lake of the Ozarks? Cleanse your palat... Read more

Faces only a master of disguise could love By Matthew Halverson Photographs courtesy of Jeffrey Lewis After tiring of the Hollywood grind, makeup artist Jeff Lewis has been back in his hometown ... Read more

Three tips to mastering the art of b.s. By Jennifer Newell Photograph courtesy of Rob Gracie We’ll be honest: Gambling isn’t our strongest skill. In fact, if we last more than seven minutes at t... Read more

Photograph by Sarah Carmody With vintage shopping so hot this fall, designers are repurposing vintage clothes, ripping them apart and weaving them into new collections. Vintage concert T-shirts hang... Read more

No matter which way you point your car, you're heading in the right direction: away from the stale routine and toward a destination where all that matters is relaxing, opening up to a new place, pursuing its simple pleasures. Read more

Esley Hamilton looks gentle and befuddled in his tweeds, but if a building's in danger, watch the phone booth Read more

The best. Sure, we know what it means in terms of naming everything from caviar to chocolate chip recipes, from soccer stars to samba singers. But it's tougher when it comes to naming the best restaurant in St. Louis. Read more