November 2007


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

We hop on Manchester at Kingshighway, Lindbergh, 270, 141 or Clarkson and take it only as far as we need to. But what would we see if we rode it from end to end? Read more

Whisky-A-Go-Go By Stefene Russell Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society's Photographs and Prints Collection Here we are at Gaslight Square's Gilded Cage Discothèque in October of 1965... Read more


As told to Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland Robert Lipscomb grew up in Glendale, the middle son in a middle-class Midwestern family. But he bored easily. He left college to serve in Vi... Read more

Architect By Diana Aitchison Photograph by Whitney Curtis In the 1950s America was cocky, optimistic, hip and swinging. With the victorious end of WWII, many forward-thinking Americans wanted new home... Read more


Photographs by Whitney Curtis and Dilip Vishwanat

It's wet-your-whistle time. We've canvassed every form of bar across St. Louis—from plush clubs to corner pubs, from Soulard to St. Charles—and ordered, sipped, observed ... and ordered again. The result? A comprehensive guide to our 42 favorites Read more

By Jeannette Cooperman World War II vets get together to retell war stories, letting memories of adventure and heroism cancel out the horror. Vietnam and Iraq combat vets don’t talk about it unless t... Read more

What four St. Louisans discovered in Iraq—and what we can expect as they and their comrades return Read more

We sure make a good show of remembering our history. So why do we seem perpetually doomed to repeat it? By Bryan A. Hollerbach Photograph by Jennifer Hengst More than half a century afterward, my fath... Read more

With more than 130 trails, this Colorado resort presents a powder-perfect panorama—and offers a slice of snowy heaven By Diana Lambdin Meyer The powder base on the Moose Wallow Trail at Colorado’s fa... Read more

By Sarah Truckey Admit it: There’s something about going to a bar alone that scares you. Either you assume that only creeps go to bars alone (and you’d rather not be taken for one), or you’re simply a... Read more

Trying to understand current trends in artificial intelligence could give Joe or Jane Blow a migraine By Bryan A. Hollerbach Fuzzy logic. Evolutionary computation. Swarm intelligence. Concepts and exp... Read more

These fiery female authors are willing to kill for a little credibility By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Whitney Curtis It’s always the ones you’d least expect: Joanna Campbell Slan got her start in... Read more

Who knew ink could say so much about a guy? By Byron Kerman Photographs Sarah Carmody Jason Stubblefield has lost count of how many tattoos he has, but at the ripe age of 26, he’s already been getting... Read more

Sunday’s oddest sports program is plenty lively Story and photograph by Thomas Crone During a recent taping of The Fan Show —KPLR’s live weekly foray into the wild side of the wide world of sports—re... Read more

The son of a bookseller uncovers a treasure trove of famous ephemera By David Murray Photos copyright George Friesen, used with permission, all rights reserved Book by book, letter by letter, a collec... Read more

White Flag Projects brings in the next wave of Cool Britannia By Dana Turkovic Hosted by White Flag Projects and curated by Katrina Hallowell, a graduate of the master’s course at Sotheby’s Institute ... Read more

By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish Adjectives are powerful creatures. They’re the backbone of the English language ... and the bane and boon of the wine business. It’s those adjectives that m... Read more

BB’s Jazz, Blues and Soups has expanded. That means: more room! Better views of the stage! And best of all: less smoke. A good thing gets even better By Steve Pick Photograph by Jennifer Hengst Seated... Read more

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland cozy kitchen Put away the knife. This pumpkin-shaped tureen and single-serving bowl come pre-carved—by American potter Barbara Eigen, no less. Lidded Pumpk... Read more


In September, our style editor flew to the Big Apple, MacBook in hand By Nicole Benoist Edgerton Photograph by Mark Gilliland I’m standing at 6th and 42nd in Manhattan, waiting in line for press crede... Read more