May 2006

Niche radio on steroids, WEW is St. Louis’ little heavyweight that could By D.J. Wilson Hit the scan button on your radio, and you’re guaranteed at least one surprise: WEW (770 AM). Every weekday ... Read more

Story and photograph by Thomas Crone Sheri Ford has opened her first business, along a stretch of Cherokee Street that’s admittedly rough around the edges. But she looks past the imperfections—a fas... Read more

Urban planners are trying to cultivate the artists, writers and musicians who could restore St. Louis’ glory. But the muse can’t be forced. By Tom Schlafly St. Louis native T.S. Eliot wrote, in T... Read more

Monster's Ball By Stefene Russell Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society Archives We’ll never know where these freshmen procured this early version of the Earth ball. We’ll never... Read more


Dave Lenihan’s crash course in better letter management By Matthew Halverson One week, radio host Dave Lenihan was dodging accusations of racism for saying “coon” on the air—he says it was just th... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Photographs by Katherine Bish He’s a fixture on Clayton Road, a shuffling, cigar-chomping icon whose enigmatic daily walks between McKnight and Price inspire a smiling curiosi... Read more

By Stefene Russell Photograph by Adam Scott Williams The art of lifecasting—creating sculptural molds from the human body—dates back to the Egyptian sarcophagus. Artist Philip Hitchcock is a maste... Read more

By Alexi Zentner Photographs by Katherine Bish The Pitted Olive is a rare example of a restaurant underselling itself. Billed as a deli, market and catering option, it’s also a darned fine place f... Read more

By Joe Pollack Photograph by Tanya Braganti Barbara Rich began working in restaurants while she was a student at Clayton High School, and she has since cooked in top restaurants on both coasts. A ... Read more

By Stefanie Ellis Photograph by Katherine Bish No bookstore in town had a Peruvian cookbook. Normally, that wouldn’t have been a problem. It’s not as if I had the time (or the desire) to make cev... Read more

Chuck Rowan dishes on the Cards’ new digs By Jennifer Dulin While Albert, Yadier and the rest of the Cardinals are learning the soft spots and hidden hops of the field at the new Busch Stadium, Ch... Read more


By Chris King Photographs by Katherine Bish It’s hard not to root for El Mundo Latino. What’s not to love about a startup restaurant owned by young cross-cultural lovers, situated in a charming we... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland “I was teaching Greek and Latin, and the world was exploding—civil rights, the Vietnam War,” recalls Margaret Phillips. She flung h... Read more

The rise of St. Louis’ Sundance kid By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Larry Busacca/ If there was any danger that Brian Jun would get a big head after his first feature film was se... Read more

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland oh, baby! Talk about top of the line—this stroller gives new meaning to “baby genius.” A detachable bassinet, reversible handle and adjustable front su... Read more


As told to Lynnda Greene Photograph by Ken Howard In 1991, Jermaine Smith had never heard an opera. A teacher conned the Roosevelt High School senior into joining the Opera Theatre of St. Louis’ new... Read more

By Christy Marshall Photographs by Katherine Bish Carmelo Gabriele and his brother Frank are well-versed in restaurants; their father owns Giovanni’s on the Hill (Oprah’s local favorite). But when... Read more

Dining Out review of Limoncello restaurant - Classic Italian food in Clayton's cuore Read more

Rise of a small town: Waterloo, Ill. How Peterstown and Bellfontaine met their Waterloo. Read more

A conversation with David Fisher, Executive Director of the Great Rivers Greenway. Read more