Matthew Halverson

This is the story of Nelly and his haters. And perspective. And the pressure and expectations that come with being a man and a city at the same time Read more


Photograph by Pete Newcomb

Brian Ross, who moved home from Chicago this summer to reopen the Hi-Pointe Theater, unspools his life in the cinema Read more


Photograph by Pete Newcomb

South county's Jordan Rackley goes Hollywood this month in An American Girl Read more


Photograph by Pete Newcomb

The Wash. U. math whiz can't dribble, but why should that stop him from going pro? Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

Something stinks. That's saying something, coming from a guy who works in waste hauling. Read more

The Missouri Film Commission is getting a financial shot in the arm that could make it easier to lure Hollywood directors in search of inexpensive shooting locales to the state and — better yet — STL. Read more

But they want manly ones—at least according to a new "For Guys Only" registry Read more

This trainer at Kaldi's downtown roasterie will slug it out in Minneapolis May 2-5 at the National Barista Championship Read more


Photograph by Joseph Viles, courtesy of The CW Network, LLC

A local farmer looks for love in reality TV Read more


Photograph courtesy of Randall Slavin

Sometimes it's hard to decide whether to laugh at comedians Randy and Jason Sklar or fear their ridiculously sports-addled brains Read more

At least not in Illinois. Trainers at Fairmount Park are facing an uncertain future Read more


Photograph by Jennifer Hengst

STLtoday’s online humor columnist knows his stories of suburban stupor aren’t exactly Proust. He’s just happy you’re reading them Read more


Photograph by Jennifer Hengst

They took the buyout in 2005 and dreamed of taking journalism to a higher level, but will these former Post-Dispatch writers and editors succeed with their soon-to-launch news site? Read more


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

Mr. Edwards is going to Washington Avenue—and he’s bringing 10 pins Read more


Photograph by Scott Rovak

*That may or may not suggest that this won't be just your average athlete's vanity project Read more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

The story of how an almost-was went to the one place where most people lose themselves entirely—an office—to become what she was always meant to be Read more


Photograph by Sarah Carmody

Cindy Lee's charitable website, QLu, is probably the swankiest garage sale you've ever seen Read more


Photograph by Peter Newcomb

In the shadow of a state takeover and political infighting over the fate of education in the city, four educators are giving students the one thing they need most: stability. Read more

If a man's home is his castle, the loo is, well, his throne room. Fact is, too many bathrooms would be best described as dungeons: dark, uninviting and tortuous—at least to the eyes. Read more



Illustration by Ryan Greis

Angelic prophesies? Unexpected ousters? A field guide to this month’s landmark recall vote for Overland Mayor Ann Purzner Read more