March 2007

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland wheel of footwear Spin the wheel, pick a shoe! This ingenious circular storage rack is already winning design awards. Shoes slip through elastic bands,... Read more


Dred Scott’s great-great-granddaughter By Katie Pelech Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat The story does not come neatly packaged. Lynne Jackson tells it in huge, detailed chunks, diverging here, ela... Read more

An immigrant father teaches the karma of a consumer society By Catherine Rankovic Dad left Eastern Europe for the United States on a steamship in 1950. He learned English, but he spoke it like a t... Read more

Whether you take a quick road trip to hot springs or fly all the way to Reykjavik, find yourself some mineral water By Adam Scott Williams Caesar plotted conquests—and wrote his poetry, perhaps—wh... Read more

Major League Baseball umpire supervisor By Leslie Gibson McCarthy Rich Rieker has had a behind-the-plate view of baseball history. The 44-year-old South St. Louis native is one of Major League Bas... Read more

By Katie Pelech Photograph by Katherine Bish Tell me about this outfit. It’s a silk pajama top from the Gap. I’m wearing Chloe jeans and my shoes are Casadei. I think they’re pony hair [leans over ... Read more

We grill some grown-ups who like to play dress-up By Matt Crossman Photograph by Sarah Carmody Think it looks like Halloween came a little early this year? It’s just because Costume-Con 25—the a... Read more

Seven things you should know about space gamer Stuart Montaldo By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Katherine Bish First things first: The game’s called Cogno—not Congo. “We get that all the time,... Read more


Illustration by Matthew Smith

It’s the American dream that our children will grow up with more than we had … Have we succeeded to excess? Read more

They sure seemed like a gay couple—and they sure amused their fellow confederate prisoners of war By Martha K. Baker Photograph from Keith Boykin, President Bill Clinton’s openly ... Read more

Deanne Lane is ready for her close-up … at 5 and 10 By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Frank Di Piazza There’s been a mistake. All of that business about Karen Foss’ longtime second-chair, Deann... Read more

A trip to our alter ego in Sénégal reveals a city glowing with intensity, polished by its French-colonial past, vibrant with African spirit—and marked by a history weirdly similar to our own Read more


Illustration by Angela Mitchell

Sperm-donor registries make it possible for kids to find sisters and brothers—often with eerie similarities—all over the country Read more

Pro hockey in this town got you praying for another lockout? Give these guys a shot. By Rose Martelli Photograph by Pete Newcomb Even with that midseason surge, the conversation-starter “So, how... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland Scott Chadbourne (a pseudonym) went to a private Catholic high school and Saint Louis University and spent two years studying to be... Read more

The Electric Secretary By Stefene Russell Photograph by Oscar C. Kuehn from the Wagner Electric Collection, Missouri Histrical Society Photographs and Prints A secretary hands a phony telegram t... Read more


A look at first-run shows in a rainbow of flavors (surreal, gothic, funny, cheeky, tragic) coming to town this month By Joe Pollack Theatergoers know that March wasn’t a very good month for Julius... Read more

Photograph by Katherine Bish No one ever paid much attention to Clark Kent. People would smile and say hello but never took the time to see beyond his seemingly plain exterior. So he had clunky glas... Read more

Photograph by Katherine Bish Just as intriguing as the recent influx of Nepalese, Peruvian and East African cuisines into St. Louis is the emergence of crossover cuisines such as Korean barbecue and... Read more

Boots Gallery brings international art to St. Louis … and aims to put us on the larger map Photograph by Pete Newcomb “Artist” is one of those vague, romantic professions to which people aspire be... Read more