March 2006

By Alexi Zentner Lester Miller, the new owner of Busch’s Grove, spent a reported $11 million gutting and rehabbing the venerable St. Louis institution, and, as they say in the movie business, the mo... Read more

Fashion designer Carol Crudden created Ziezo, a one-of-a-kind boutique in the Delmar Loop that has never lost its freshness As told to Lynnda Greene Photograph by Vivian Ogier As smart and kicky a... Read more

John Rooney finally arrives at the one radio job he wanted all along By Matt Halverson Forty years ago, back when kids actually filled out scorecards instead of watching them self-populate on comp... Read more

By Christy Marshall Photograph by Katherine Bish When it came time to design Savor, co-owner and chef Jonathan Schoen gave Diane Zebell a four-point list of what the interior needed to be: (1) ele... Read more

The delicate discussion of personal finances Read more

The famous glass ceiling that keeps women from climbing the ladder of advancement in the workplace is a transparent reminder of gender politics in the office. Read more

By Katie O’Connor Photograph by Katherine Bish For us, Brandt’s has always been about its outside; its sidewalk tables are a wonderful place to sit on a balmy summer evening and watch the eclectic... Read more

By Becky Rosner “The current trend in cheese plates has a lot to do with the artisanal movement in food that has swept the country,” says Savor chef Kirk Warner. “Everything is sourced, you know exa... Read more

By Stefene Russell Photograph by Mark Gilliland Never doubt that two guys and a couple of beers can change the world—or, at least, local theater. Two years ago, actors Steve Isom and Bill Lynch we... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland By now, the story is legend. In the mid-’70s, Marylen Mann, an expert in curriculum development, toured a St. Louis senior center. ... Read more

If you’re going to sell your soul to the Man, the least you can do is get fair market value for it. Read more

A nosy neighbor's guide to who makes what in St. Louis Read more

By Matt Halverson As Pam Beesly in NBC's cubicle comedy The Office , Jenna Fischer plays a run-down receptionist who would die for another job. As a teenager in Webster Groves, the Nerinx Hall grad... Read more

By Chris King Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Greg Edmondson, who teaches drawing and sculpture at the University of Missouri–St. Louis and is artist in residence at Thomas Jefferson School, has a s... Read more

Spirited Resistance By Stefene Russell Photo courtesy of the St. Louis Review ; photo by Edward H. Goldberger March 1965. Three days after Bloody Sunday, civil-rights protesters return to the s... Read more


By Cory Schneider Ah, eBay.Where else can even the most casual of shoppers find obscure childhood toys of yore, first editions of Dickens classics and acid-washed–denim throwbacks all in one place? ... Read more

By Alexi Zentner The menu at Soda Fountain Square is cheap and straightforward, with chili, chicken tenders, a chef salad, hot dogs, burgers and the standard sandwiches for $5 to $7. Even the most e... Read more

By Angie O’Gorman Roan just called. She’s panicky, and I’m losing patience. I have asked her to only call once a week. It’s Tuesday, and we’re on our third conversation. There is nothing I can do. ... Read more

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland pick me Wax never looked this beautiful—or this realistic. Not only are these meticulously carved creations dripless and smokeless, but they burn slow... Read more


Philadelphia has a sense of place and culture all its own. Read more