Look-Listen November 2012

Being an actor in New York City is all glamour and acclaim, right? Well, eventually...they hope. But before they get there, actors, comics and creative types in the big city would do well to seek o... Read more


Restless, slippery works populate the filmography of Leos Carax, the French writer-director best known for a peculiar stripe of romanticism that is at once wistful and hard-bitten, exemplified in f... Read more


Time-traveling, time-deaf twins. Try saying that five times fast. More than just a tongue twister, this is also a brief summary of the plot of May These Changes Make Us Light , a show by the US LI... Read more



Northwest Plaza: Now putting the birdsnest in "Beauty." Photograph by Byron Kerman.

Watching trends wither—tape-based storage media, movie musicals, or restaurants with carhops, for instance—has its compensations. Time passes. Nostalgia takes root. You don’t have to be a zombie to... Read more



Courtesy of David Lazaroff

Around this time last year, Brothers Lazaroff were putting together a night’s set to complement Kinky Friedman, who was slated to perform a concert at Off Broadway. The story gets a tad complicated... Read more


For nearly a century now, filmmakers have tried their hand at adapting Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy’s beloved romantic tragedy Anna Karenina to the silver screen, to varying degrees of success. P... Read more



Typewriter Tim Jordan. Photo by Thomas Crone

Don’t know what you’re doing today, but it’s probably not as interesting as Typewriter Tim Jordan’s day. No offense, of course, but you’re likely not having a day-in-the-life documentary shot on yo... Read more


If in some smothering dreams you too could pace Behind the wagon that we flung him in, And watch the white eyes writhing in his face, His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin; If you could hear, a... Read more



Photography courtesy of the Rock N Roll Craft Show

Rock out with your sock monkeys out November 23 through 25 at the fifth annual Rock N Roll Craft Show in Delmar Loop. The show, tucked inside the Third Degree Glass Factory , is a three-day depart... Read more


The sheer scope of the Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival ’s annual offerings is almost overwhelming, prompting hardcore cinephiles to pore over timetables with the exacting earnestnes... Read more



Some Cats: O'Donnell, Dr. Mabuse, Anna Lum, Ryan Harris. Photograph by Whitney Curtis

Rich O’Donnell, artistic director of HEARding Cats Collective, compares the collective’s musical performances to a question. “Did you rehearse the question you asked me?” O’Donnell says. “Becaus... Read more



Gina Alvarez, "366 Skies, #251 (September 7, 2012)."

Last winter, we spoke to poet and Riverfront Times arts critic Jessica Baran about her poetry collection, Remains to Be Used (Apostrophe, 2011) which was just then rolling off the printer. ... Read more



Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

After sitting forgotten for decades—long enough for a young forest to spring up—there's been an explosion of interest in the 33-acre site where the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex once stood. Most re... Read more



Photographs by Byron Kerman

There is perhaps no more quintessential artifact of ’70s culture than The Gong Show . It not only makes no sense now, it made no sense when broadcast in the '70s. Noted loon and alleged CIA assas... Read more



Photographs by Thomas Crone

Annually (right around this time of year, in fact), we’re treated to countless stories about the turkey. It’s an animal that doesn’t seem to hold interest for most of us through the course of the y... Read more


The 21st annual St. Louis International Film Festival kicked off last night with a screening of Silver Linings Playbook , and continues through November 18. Though SLIFF doesn't get a huge number ... Read more


Fifty years into James Bond’s unstoppable cinematic career—which has stumbled and slowed at times, but never ground to a permanent halt—it’s worth observing how narrow the margin for error is for n... Read more



Jiyong Lee at Duane Reed Gallery

The fall arts season is in full swing, and visual-art hags have good reason to loiter in at least three area galleries with hot shows. The most anticipated art show of each year at Mad Art is ... Read more



Re-enactor John Bruce of Kansas City, Mo. portrays a buffalo soldier from the 10th Calvary at the grand opening of the Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site

Missouri was home to many important battles during the Civil War; the Battle at Wilson’s Creek was the first battle west of the Mississippi, and the Battle of Westport was the largest to be fought ... Read more



Edwin Olvera talks to Suanne Morgan's seventh grade dance class

Pilobolus dancers teach area kids how to dance Read more