Look-Listen March 2014


Photograph by Dan Dreyfus, courtesy of SLSO

Earlier this week, news broke that Fred Bronstein, President of the Saint Louis Symphony , would be leaving his post on June 1 to take a position as dean of the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkin... Read more


This weekend, the African Film Festival returns to Washington University, offering two days packed with cinema from African filmmakers and about the sundry experiences of the continent's people. ... Read more



Courtesy of the St. Louis Science Center

You really need to go to the St. Louis Science Center a few times a year. Ya know, for the new stuff. So what's new? Dinosaurs in Motion  is one of those special exhibits that costs a few bucks... Read more


In 1990, Ghost stole audience’s hearts with its suspenseful plot, heart-breaking love story, supernatural elements, and tremendously talented cast. Twenty-one years later, the movie has inspired ... Read more


Photograph by Ralph Heine

They’re both members of the reborn Geyer Street Sheiks. And, together, they’re the entirety of T&A. Alice Spencer and Tom Hall have been playing music together for a couple decades, on and off, but... Read more



Photograph by Bob Reuter, courtesy of Tom

The city’s recent decision to bring in an outside organization, Summer Rocks—an LLC associated with the high power players of the ICM talent agency—to host two national music festivals on the Gatew... Read more

Fairs and Festivals

Over the course of 18 years, the characteristic “dollhouse aesthetic” of director Wes Anderson's films has intensified. Through increasingly fussy production design, striking compositions, and wry,... Read more



Photograph courtesy of Michelle Milla-Gray

Dave Gray has an amazing workspace, a small building that sits behind his lovely house in St. Louis County. It’s the perfect place to create, which he does in a variety of disciplines. It’s so nice... Read more

Visual Arts


Photograph by King Schoenfeld

Reunions can be a bit awkward, as people shuffle into conversations and try to find their sense of comfort, often not even knowing who stands across from them. On Sunday, a quickly called gatherin... Read more


Over the past two weekends,  Aim2Keap and Enamel Art Space  opened the doors for “Stone Love,” a small but impressive exhibit by Brooklyn-based artist Kenji Hirata, originally from Nagasaki, Japa... Read more

Visual Arts

Most biographical documentaries adhere to the same template: a chronological review of the subject’s life and career, wistful anecdotes from family and friends, and narration that sculpts an indivi... Read more



Stacked Burger Bar

The Patch neighborhood is a funky, old-school sliver of South St. Louis, in some respects the southern extension of Carondelet. According to Wikipedia, it’s geographically “defined by Robert on the... Read more


Joel Allen Schroeder loves Calvin & Hobbes . That much is apparent from the filmmaker's debut feature, Dear Mr. Watterson . Schroeder is not alone in his adoration. As the film makes clear, Bill ... Read more



Photograph by Jessica Baran

We could call it a scheduling quirk or an acknowledgement of the talent of Sarah Paulsen that we are twice featuring her on Look/Listen this week. Yesterday, Byron Kerman, on this same blog, dis... Read more

Visual Arts


Courtesy of the Christopher Gustave Memorial and Exhibit Facebook Event Page

On March 8, the Mad Art Gallery will host a memorial exhibit from 7 to 11 p.m., honoring the life of artist Christopher Gustave, who died suddenly in January and left behind an eight-year-old daugh... Read more

Visual Arts


Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, pirating it up. Photograph by Joan Marcus.

The award-winning Broadway play, Peter and the Starcatcher , first opened in 2009 and rapidly gained a name for itself as a brilliantly written, highly entertaining show for all ages. Though the p... Read more


In a strange way, it seems the Kirkwood City Hall shooting of 2008 never happened. To those it affected directly, that seems facile, but to those of us more removed from the tragedy there’s a sen... Read more

Visual Arts


A still from

One word describes this year's True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri: cold. Cinephiles who descended on the town for the annual celebration of documentary film were treated to sub-freezi... Read more



Photograph by Thomas Crone

On Friday night, I arrived at Soulard’s venerable The Shanti at around 8 p.m. The streets were crowded, but not necessarily with people; instead, every block seemed to have some large combination o... Read more

Fairs and Festivals


Mike Henneberry, courtesy of Once Films

A few months ago, we drew your attention to a short film about sign painter, Phil Jarvis . It was produced by Once Films , a local creative agency that has launched what it's calling its Spotligh... Read more