Look-Listen February 2014

Non-Stop is the sort of action-thriller that one sees, enjoys, and then forgets. It is a perfectly serviceable 106-minute entertainment. It is also the most polished film yet from Spanish directo... Read more



Photograph by Karl Reeves

The first time we headed out to interview Ewa Budka, it was right after rush hour; we drove through Florissant at dusk, getting lost in the twilit world of car dealerships, atomic ranch houses, and... Read more

Visual Arts

Like an alchemical transformation right out of the pages of a Harry Potter novel, The Book House has seemingly died and been reborn, and the new space is, well, glorious. The community mourne... Read more



Photographs by Thomas Crone

You can spend a good deal of your life exploring a city, sticking your head into the hidden, unknown and forgotten corners of your weird, wacky hometown, relishing each new find. Years into your pu... Read more

Fairs and Festivals

Our roundup of stuff to do this week includes a passel of excellent art exhibits, plus a kickoff concert for a jazz series at the Scott Joplin House featuring a rare visit from NYC-based musician Hami... Read more



Photographs by Thomas Fletcher

Maybe it was the long, cold winter, but it seemed pet owners were less inspired to sew ambitious homemade costumes for the Beggin' Pet Parade this year. You saw lots of dogs in tutus and Mardi Gras... Read more

Fairs and Festivals

Pompeii is a shamelessly unoriginal, often ridiculous hybrid of a disaster film and a sword-and-sandal epic. It cribs so relentlessly from Gladiator that one could devise a drinking game based ... Read more



Self-Portrait, by Virginia Harold. Courtesy of the artist.

Of course, it just seems as if Virginia Harold popped up from out of nowhere, suddenly on the scene at every opening, concert, art happening and cool kids’ party. Able to day-job as a photographer—... Read more

Visual Arts


Photo credits: (l to r) Adam Zelasko, Hayden Milanes, Quinn VanAntwerp and Nicolas Dromard. Photo: Joan Marcus

In 1990, a wildly popular ’60s and ’70s band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The four-man band had five No. 1 singles from 1962 to 1975, despite the overwhelming popularity of the... Read more


A quick note of disclosure and background: in the 1990s, Melinda Roth covered the politics and government beat for The Riverfront Times . For a bit, we shared a two-person cube, after the paper’s ... Read more


The marquee of the Tivoli Theatre is not shining as brightly these days. That’s because the passing of its caretaker has left movie lovers with heavy hearts, teary eyes, and a sense of inimitable l... Read more



Photograph courtesy of Lisa Alvarado

In Morocco, the Gnawa people conduct an all-night healing ceremony, Lila Derdeba, to cure everything from soul loss to scorpion stings. At the center of this ritual is trance music composed around ... Read more



Jennifer Olivas

When she was 3, Jennifer Olivas’ parents took her to her first dance class, and she was hooked. Growing up in Festus, she danced and tumbled competitively, and won national and regional competition... Read more


Remaking the landmark 1987 sci-fi action-satire RoboCop seems like an unwise proposition. The film is arguably the finest feature from Dutch director Paul Verhoeven’s 1985–2000 “American period.”... Read more


By Joelle Schoenherr If you and your loved one are looking for a special way to spend this Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a list of artsy, cultural events throughout the city. Read more



Heatsick, courtesy of Mild Power

This Thursday, February 13, the duo of Jeremy Kannapell and Kevin Harris will debut the first installment of their Mild Power concert series, with a three-act bill at Downtown’s most-intriguing v... Read more



Jerry Vogel as Gerry and Maggie Conroy as Sally. Photograph by Peter Wochniak

There were sniffles to be heard throughout the audience as a recent performance of Forget Me Not rolled to its climax in the black box theatre at the Kranzberg. The tear-eliciting drama, by one T... Read more


That George Clooney's latest directorial effort could result in a film as creaky and clumsy as Monuments Men is dispiriting. In part this is because Clooney the filmmaker is capable of much more.... Read more



Photograph by Thomas Crone

On Friday, February 7, artist Joe Neaf will offer a show of monoprints at Blue Orange, A One Umbrella Gallery  (5464 Gravois). That venue features eclectic storefront space in a sector of South St... Read more



Illustration by Shaun Snow

As intriguing pitch letters go, Adam Baugher hit the mark when selling a story idea about A Beginner’s Guide to Interplanetary Destruction . Wrote Baugher, “It's a podcast, or an audio play to be ... Read more