Look-Listen February 2013


Courtesy of Heather Buckley-wilson

Gina Gala takes place this Saturday, March 2 at 2720 Cherokee. Dubbed “a celebration of women in the arts,” various artistic disciplines will be represented, though the musical portion of the eve... Read more


In the great disaster-film farce Airplane! , a passenger asks a flight attendant if she has anything "light" to read. “How ‘bout this leaflet, Famous Jewish Sports Legends ?” she replies . ... Read more


The news is filled with stories of demolition and the efforts to preserve varied, oft-doomed spaces, be they an abandoned factory, church, school or former place of culture. The energy around these... Read more

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Last year, That Uppity Theatre Company and The Vital Voice co-produced the first annual "Briefs: A Festival of Short LGBT Plays." And they did very, very well for a first-year event: all four p... Read more


When the viewer first glimpses dejected Tel Aviv cardiologist Yossi (Ohad Knoller), he is slowly waking from a power-nap in an unused hospital bed. This moment, it turns out, succinctly foreshadows... Read more



Laclede Gas Pumping Station, 3615 Chervolet. Photograph by Byron Kerman

As noted by Michael Allen of Preservation Research Office, Laclede Gas has by now removed the city’s last gasometer . Allen, a passionate civic preservationist and historian, mourned the loss... Read more



Orbit Pinball Lounge. Photographs by Thomas Crone

We’re all dreamers, in our own special ways. To my mind, no trip into St. Louis County goes without some musing about our region’s multi-layers of districting: fire districts, police districts, sch... Read more


Even when she was an English lit major scribbling stories for the Student Life newspaper at Washington University, Susannah Cahalan had a voice: strong, witty, lively. It surprised no one when, j... Read more



Photograph Courtesy of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

It must be fate that scheduled married classical-music titans David Robertson and Orli Shaham on the same program at Powell Hall on Valentine’s Day weekend. Fate or marketing, we figure. E... Read more



Photographs by Thomas Crone

A few weeks back, we noted the extensive preparation taken by the Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze to win the best float category of the Soulard Mardi Gras; that kind of inspired work’s pretty muc... Read more



Eric "Prospect" Davis, Basil Kincaid, Damon "LooseScrewz" Davis and Robert Powell. Below:Kincaid's layered painting of St. Louis buildings on discarded wood; and his mixed media piece about seeing the city multiple ways, represented by the multiple eyes of the figures. Photography by Britany Ruess.

As driftwood brushed up on the California ocean shore, Robert Powell grabbed the wood with purpose. In 1973, Powell was stationed in California with the military, and would create art from the drif... Read more


Even when graded on the off-kilter curve reserved for the works of filmmaker Don Coscarelli, John Dies at the End is a far-out trip. The writer-director of the Phantasm horror franchise and the... Read more



"The Lookout" by Jason John

This year’s regularly held show of figure art from across the U.S. at Fontbonne University is really worth a look. The Figure Now was juried really well by gifted painters Steve Huston and Nat... Read more


Growing up in Potosi as high-schoolers, Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins made music, animation, and comics all while absorbing the pen-and-ink cosmologies of underground comics artists like Harve... Read more



Magic Door: Bassamp and Dano. Photograph by Thomas Crone.

At some point in time, the Journalism Gods decided that you couldn’t just be a writer. Instead, you had to transform into a content producer, someone capable of adding (still and moving) images and... Read more


Despite it being SuperBowl Sunday, despite the snow, thousands of people (and dogs, and cats, and rabbits) once again made it down to Soulard for the annual Krewe of Barkus Beggin' Pet Parade , al... Read more