July 2007

Red, Hot and Cool By Stefene Russell Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society's Photographs and Prints Collection The Red Carpet Lounge had miles of just that—red carpet—along with red f... Read more


As told to Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland It was 1975, and Anne Keefe was staying over in St. Louis on her way to an interview in Kansas City for a TV job. The phone rang at 6:03 a.m... Read more

Atop the Cathedral Basilica, a group of celebrants enjoys a different kind of communion By Katy Carl It seems like an awfully insider thing to be doing, so much so that I almost feel guilty. Just beca... Read more

Amateur golfer By Leslie Gibson McCarthy Photograph by Peter Newcomb Ellen Port didn’t pick up a club until she was in her early twenties, yet she’s one of the top amateur golfers to come out of the S... Read more

On the island of Montserrat, a former St. Louis couple goes with the flow By Theresa Gawlas Medoff Photograph by David McGillivray Most people would have given up after the 18 months of bureaucratic r... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Peter Newcomb “It’s a lurid tale of greed, money, power and politics,” read the e-mail from Mike “The Big Tomato” Gassman about the cancellation of July’s World’s La... Read more

An Arnold resident has a multi-million-dollar message for Marvel Comics: He’s no ghostwriter By Bryan A. Hollerbach Photograph courtesy of Columbia Pictures/Sony Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, Gary Fri... Read more

We quiz John Hamm on what it’s like to be one of Satan’s minions By Matthew Halverson Photograph by John Russo/AMC After years of playing hero types—a cop, a firefighter, an American soldier in Vietna... Read more

Why weasels are the new “it” rodent in West County By Katie Pelech Photographs by Mark Gilliland Like it or not, childhood nicknames tend to trail their owners. If you had one, you have two choices: S... Read more

By Sarah Truckey I’ve always been one for bargains. Half-price pints at happy hours, three-for-one canned tuna sales at Schnucks or that purple pair of Chuck Taylors I’ve wanted since I was 10 and fin... Read more

Is it time to put trans fat on trial in St. Louis? By Laura Batty Who would have thought the Oreo could cause such a ruckus? In May 2003, a California lawyer sued Kraft Foods because of the cookie’s t... Read more

By Stefanie Ellis Photograph by Katherine Bish I always get myself into sticky situations. There I was at a business lunch at Five, trying to appease my guest, when all of a sudden he asked to share d... Read more

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland red, white and brew Host the party of the summer with a live-lobster bash! Fly in the little guys from Maine, boil up some water, crack open the beer and l... Read more


By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish Now that we’ve all been indoctrinated into the culture of small plates, this place turns the tables with an 18-inch version—and it’s edible. What sounds tre... Read more


Photograph by Sarah Carmody

Cindy Lee's charitable website, QLu, is probably the swankiest garage sale you've ever seen Read more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

Denise Thimes has given the jazz world a quarter century of her life. It's finally giving back. Read more

They’re throwing dice but placing no bets. For members of the St. Louis Boardgames Meetup, it’s all just for fun. By Rob Levy Photograph by Peter Newcomb Several times a month, they risk everything to... Read more

St. Louisans used to drive all the way out to Columbia to shop at Apop Records. Now, this “Wunderkammern of exotic sounds, curio publications and psychotronic cinema” has come to us By Stefene Russell... Read more

By Chris King Photograph by Frank Di Piazza David Goodwin carved canes long before he needed one to walk. Before his accident in 2003—when he was working on a roof at a job site, “stepped into a shado... Read more

Madeline Meyerowitz goes back for the future By Katie Pelech Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Wearing vintage clothing can be a queasily revealing undertaking. Not in the miniskirt–and–tube-top sort of w... Read more