Julius K. Hunter


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Both born into slavery, they opened brothels that made musical history and set a precedent for the red-lit windows of Amsterdam. Read more


Was it just me, or did the Labor Day festivities this past weekend seem quieter than in some previous years? This was not an election year, so politicians drumming up support and belting out long-w... Read more


Every year at this time, I get more excited about shopping for my grandkids’ school supplies than I ever do for Christmas shopping. And I’m slowly but surely learning the rules of the school-supply... Read more


Our weather has never been crazier than in the last year or so. Do you ever remember such severe and tragic tornado damage? Isn’t thunder louder? Lightning is even scarier. Moss is growing on the n... Read more


I’m not quite sure how the St. Louis Magazine editors were able to find me in the “Undisclosed Location” I timeshare with Dick Cheney. But when they offered me the Wednesday blog position, I was ... Read more