Jennifer Dulin


Photography by Susan Jackson

St. Louis is blessed with a bounty of landscape architects and designers. Here are eight of the best Read more


The outdoor kitchens of St. Louis are not yet up to par with the elaborate setup Bobby Flay enjoys on his hit show Hot Off the Grill, but they're getting there. Savvy entertainers, eager to make the most of their outdoor spaces, are transitioning to the next step of lavish outdoor living. Read more



Photograph by Anne Matheis

Developers are turning the city's old factories, schools and police stations into wildly imaginative and luxurious living spaces. How many's enough? Read more


Illustration by Linzie Hunter

For baby boomers, childhood meant eight-track tapes and Happy Days on TV. For their kids, it's iPods, text messaging and MySpace. Parents and teachers have mixed emotions: The Internet and classroom tools such as Smart Boards have broadened students' research abilities and made learning more interactive — but each technological advance increases kids' access to dangerous strangers and troubling content. Read more


Photograph by Warwick Photography

When Sabrina Rodgers began her search for the perfect wedding photographer, one thing was certain: She didn't want her wedding photos to be the same predictable shots she'd seen a million times before. Read more