January 2007

How the Saint Louis Art Museum robberies of 1978 led to a congressional investigation of a St. Louis-based plot to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. more

By Sarah Truckey Never before did I think that I, a somewhat snooty beer drinker with tastes for aromatic ales and anything made in Quebec or Belgium, would have reason to fall head-over-heels in lo... more

Captain, St. Louis Red Raiders By Leslie Gibson McCarthy She shoots. She scores. She also works at a dental office, helps rear stepchildren, plays pool, goes country line dancing, watches soap ope... more

Loft dwellers aren't complaining about new grocery-store options ... but is the time right? By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Katherine Bish Rance Baker isn’t what you’d call a shameless self-p... more

Pigtails, pompoms and pumping fists—oh my! The cheerleaders are coming. By Sarah Klein Photograph by Katherine Bish The excitement in the America’s Center this January will be about as thick as ... more

A revolutionary new diet prescribes leather, not protein By Katie Pelech At the end of a hard day, it’s nice to treat yourself. Looking forward to sinking into the couch or reading that new romanc... more

Sportswriter Matt Crossman figures out who his daughter is From the day last January when my wife and I found out she was pregnant, I called our baby Avajack. I refused to go all the way until the... more

St. Louis' plans to expand free Wi-Fi access have been stuck for three years. Time to refresh the page. more

Why sign up for a colander when you could have a kayak? more


Photograph by Zettl Photography

It could have been a sitcom. The Prouty girls married the Steel brothers, and now each woman's her spouse's sister-in-law, and he's her brother-in-law, and ... more

Mark Twain once said that we will be more disappointed by the things we didn't do than by those we did. Honeymoons are no exception. more

No Sweat By Stefene Russell Photo by Dorrill Studio, courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection Don’t laugh too hard at the belt massagers along the back wall.... more


St. Louis’ online cops are netting the bad guys By Bryan A. Hollerbach Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Business has been booming lately for the Regional Computer Crime Education and Enforcement Gr... more

You knew you'd fight about money, child-rearing and how to decorate your house. You just weren't ready for sniper fire from your beloved's parents. more

St. Louis shortchanged its statistics when it severed the city from the county. But even as calls for a merger grow louder, experts say it’s too late—the dividing line itself has moved west. more

StudioSTL is an organization that helps kids find their literary voices—but it’s wider and deeper than that. Poet and volunteer Julie Dill explains it all for you. Scott Adams, creator of the comi... more


A refreshing respite of seafood in a season of turkey and ham By Dave Lowry Photographs by Katherine Bish We don’t “stress” during the holidays. We take joy in the secular traditions, comfort a... more


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A pragmatist's tips for painless bridal beauty prep more

By Ashley Patey You can almost hear the throaty chuckle: “Laissez le bons temps rouler!” Located in what was previously Ellie’s, across the street from Big Sky Café in Webster Groves, Hwy 61 Roadh... more


Photograph by Matthew O'Shea

Routine beckons like a granny in flannel, drawing us inside her warm, stuffy little house ... where she will eat us alive. That’s why January’s such a gift—a chance to blithely ignore the wolf at the door, break old habits, explore unknown parts of ourselves and untapped possibilities in our lives. The only problem is, we stop seeing it that way the minute the hangover wears off. Here, then, is a guide to having the best year of your life, one season at a time. You may substitute freely; capoeira is not for everyone. We just wanted to get you started. more