January 2005

By Alexi Zentner Photograph by Katherine Bish Despite the horrendous-looking building, Mimi’s Café is already a hot ticket in the Chesterfield Bottoms, with 20-minute waits common during the weekday l... more

By Alexi Zentner Photograph by Katherine Bish You probably won’t go to King Louie’s just for the fries. That’s not a slight against the fries so much as it is a comment about how good the rest of the ... more

By Ann Lemons Who would have thought chicken wings would become an American classic? But it’s true: Their fabulous messiness, their wonderful mixture of crispy-chewy-tender and their sizzle have come ... more

By Col. Leonard Griggs As a son of the Commonwealth of Virginia and a proud graduate of West Point, I am keenly aware of the meaning, significance and merit of tradition. It establishes a means of pre... more

High class meets lemongrass at this upscale West County Vietnamese restaurant By Dave Lowry Photograph by Katherine Bish Vietnam’s cuisine has become for this generation what Mexican food was for its ... more

Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society’s Photographs and Prints Collection A St. Louis bride is joined by six attendants and one young miss amid a backdrop of flowers, candles and fern... more


By Alexi Zentner Nothing lifts your spirits and takes the chill from your bones on a gray January day like a steaming bowl of soup. Soups can be as simple as chicken noodle or as rich as lobster bisqu... more

By Matt Berkley As St. Louisans, we love our food—toasted ravioli, crab rangoon, gooey butter cake, pizza with provel cheese. Our affinity for these delicacies has made St. Louis a truly “well-rounded... more

By Traci Angel Those who are young at heart, appreciate contemporary art, or both, will want to stop by the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington, 314-535-4660, )... more

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Why spend money when St. Louis has so much to offer—from classical music to old-time sports—that doesn't cost a cent? Here are 67 of St. Louis' best bets for free entertainment throughout the year. more

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Making and selling puppies is big business in Missouri. But when some breeders cut corners, there's more than animal welfare at stake. more

Ever hear of the magpie, a bird notorious for hoarding sparkling objects? That’s me. I can’t resist the lure of dramatic jewelry, whether it’s the fire of diamonds or the twinkle of rhinestones. more

Story and photographs by Susan Manlin Katzman You’ve seen the snow-graced mountains and picturesque villages in countless ads and movies, but nothing prepares you for details of the real experience of... more

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By Traci Angel Photographs by Peter Newcomb St. Louisans seem to have a love or envy relationship with ZIP code 63124. There is much to love about Ladue: High property values, great boutiques, beautif... more