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Photography by John Fedele

50 ways to try something new in the great outdoors

Time Travel: A guided tour of the North Riverfront Trail

Hit Me, I'm Irish: Hurling, the best sport of which you've never heard

Ready For Battle: Struggle in the mud. Recover with wine.

Editors' Picks: Our staff's favorite outdoor patios, date night locations, movie nights, classes and festivals for this summer.

Test Your Bird Brain: The 100-year old Audubon Society knows its wrens from its robins

Wiffle Ball Heaven: To save dad's bar, these brothers built a dreamy field.

Outdoor Escape: With its garden of the gods, Shawnee National Forest is the perfect place to commune with nature

Top Spots: Four outdoor enthusiasts share their favorite retreats

Gear Up!: Whether you're rock climbing or fly fishing, grab the best gear or all your outdoor summer activities.

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