Fall Arts Guide 2016


Photo by Myriam Santos

What to do, see, hear, and watch this season

We look forward to sweater weather because, well, we like sweaters—not to mention the dry, earthy smell of dead leaves and that perfect chill that descends sometime around late September. But maybe that’s because we associate those things with the excitement of a new fall arts season. There’s nothing like heading out on that first night and feeling the electricity of the curtain rising in a theater that’s been dark all summer. Or standing in line in front of a club, waiting for the doors to open as the cool kids’ cigarette smoke hangs in the cold air. Fall is when the big show-stopping dance ensembles roll through town; when museums unveil exhibits their curators have been working on for 10 years; when all the festivals seem to happen all at once. We do our best to preview it all, which grows more difficult, but more exciting, every year. For 2016, there are new venues to check out, including Joe Edwards’ Delmar Hall, and there’s Murmuration, a new festival at Cortex that combines art and tech in a way unlike anything that’s come before it. Several solid, traditional arts organizations are celebrating significant milestones. And, as always, hundreds of St. Louis arts organizations are busy programming top-notch events, from classical music concerts to edgy improv theater.

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