Michelangelo saw sculpture as releasing his classically proportioned figures from the marble. Philip Hitchcock releases them from flabby excess flesh. Read more



Photos via Core3

Just because there’s no ocean in St. Louis doesn’t mean you can’t surf your way to fit. Read more



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While other U.S. states searched for “muffin top workouts” and “dead bug exercises” in 2015, Missourians were searching for a much more effective fitness program. Read more


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Photo by Philip Bitnar via Creative Commons

Your muscles need a regular checkup even more than your teeth do. Read more



Photo courtesy of Washington University School of Medicine

We move wrong, sit wrong, sleep wrong…and eventually it catches up. Read more


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Photo by Steven Guzzardi via Creative Commons

We consulted a podiatrist for you. Read more


A Stanford-trained physician writes a book and app that guides you to the right ratios of nutrients, the right order of exercise, even the right way to sleep Read more


Dr. Will Aguila stopped binge eating, dropped 70 pounds, and created a diet that could actually be fun. Read more


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Photo by Peter Mooney via Creative Commons

​Middle-aged and sedentary? It’s not too late. Read more


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Photo by Elvert Barnes via Creative Commons

Phrases like "of comfort no man speak" might ease your stretch. Read more


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Coated with wet earth, sweating, heart pounding than it’s even pounded as you race over one obstacle after another… Good times. Read more


A new Maplewood training center screens your movements and custom-designs a safe workout program for you. Read more


Which do you use when, if your weekend athleticism has backfired? Read more


Want fast, affordable advice from a physical therapist? Senior editor William Powell had his gait analyzed--and wangled a discount code for the rest of you. Read more



Photo by V. Elly Smith

Looking for a dramatic exercise to do with your partner? It’ll test and hone your muscles, your balance—and your relationship. Read more


The technique can ease chronic pain, but it can also keep athletes’ muscles in shape well into their eighties. Read more



Photo by Kelly Sleeper

Would you rather party with the Trailnet folks or breathe exhaust fumes the rest of your life? Eat chili for the sake of your city. Read more


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Photo by Eli Christman via Creative Commons

Tired of signing up for fitness courses, bailing, trying a new one, wishing you'd tried a different one? Here's your solution. Read more



Photograph by Mark Schwigen, courtesy of Trailnet

This is the year for cycling, with Trailnet inviting everybody in the region to design their own dream route. Glide into the slipstream—destination Collinsville. Read more


They don’t care if your toe’s crooked or your heels could coat a crocodile. They’re measuring stuff you’ve never even thought about. Because if the shoe fits…you’re a lot more likely to cross the finish line. Read more


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    Micah Usher

    Fatima Khan, Nikki Ownbi of Fit Flavors

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    Clean and lean mini banana nut muffins

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    Laura Fonseca, Courtney Carlie

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    Jennifer Lierman, Elizabeth Suelthaus

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    Erin Stack of Pure Hot Yoga, Monica Koch of Klean & Lean

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    Chris Jackson, Victoria Samuels