Everything And The Kitchen Sink


How do you keep your pantry organized? Does it make financial sense to remodel your kitchen? What are the essential items that every aspiring chef needs in their kitchen toolbox? We tackle these questions and other kitchen-related quandaries in St. Louis At Home's November 2015 issue.  

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Photography by Alise O'Brien

“You don’t want to overinvest in a kitchen remodel if you plan to sell the home in three to five years,” says Robert Hoganson of Kitchen and Bath Design in Kirkwood... Read more



Photography by Alise O'Brien

Homeowners Lisa and Paul Boyer have lived in their Oakland home for 17 years. They’ve always loved the house, but the original small, galley-style kitchen never worked for them... Read more



Photography by Sam Fentress

Kitchen islands mean different things to different people. When designer Chris Powers at Alspaugh Kitchen and Bath talks islands, she wants to know how clients expect to use them. Read more


When Robert Hoganson of Kitchen and Bath Design helps people renovate the hub and heartbeat of their home, he suggests that they move out until the dust has settled. “Moving out isn’t the only option,” he stresses... Read more


Americans waste a staggering 40% of our food supply each year. Here are a few helpful tips for reducing waste. Read more


Whether you’re a fresh grad moving into your first apartment or a couple settling into a new home, having all the right kitchen items is something you don’t want to wing. Read more



Photography courtesy of brooksBerry, by Alise O'Brien

Kitchen appliances not only need to get the job done but also practically disappear. Built-in appliances lose their visual status as objects, resulting in a sense of tranquility in the kitchen... Read more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Certified professional organizer Janine Adams offers five easy tips on how to help rein in kitchen cabinet clutter. Read more



Photography courtesy of 6 North

By considering the needs of the disabled, universal spaces like 6 North make comfortable residential living accessible to everyone. Read more



Photography by Jennifer Silverberg


Earlier generations called them “shortcuts,” little tricks and hints that made life easier. Today they’re referred to as “hacks,” but they’re essentially the same thing. We hereby present several kitchen hacks, some new, some old. Read more