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THE BOOK OF MORMON First National Tour Company THE BOOK OF MORMON First National Tour (c) Joan Marcus, 2013

WEB EXTRA: Read our interview with Chris O'Neill, who plays Elder Cunningham in the touring Broadway production of Book of Mormon. The follower of live theater has historically had it worse ... Read more


Courtesy of the Fox Theatre

Hot on the heels of its remarkable harvest of Tony Awards, The Book of Mormon comes to Fox Theatre in its first touring run. This unlikeliest of smash Broadway success stories is the brainchild o... Read more



The Company of Les Misérables. Photograph by Deen Van Meer.

So, hey howdy y'all! Long time no stagey-talk. Not to say I'm getting pigeonholed, but no sooner had I begun to work on this piece— jouer l'écrivain, as it were—than the first preview flickered be... Read more



Anthony Peeples as Demetrius, Amy Loui as Peter Quince, Chad Morris as Aegus, Matthew Galbreath as Bottom

Remember Shakespeare purists? Those folks who would go all frothy at the scent of an updating of the unassailable Bard? Thankfully these spoilsports are a rarity, off darning the suede patches on t... Read more



That '70s Shakespeare: Anthony Peeples as Demetrius, Amy Loui as Peter Quince, Chad Morris as Aegus, Matthew Galbreath as Bottom

As I haven't posted in a bit, I was casting about for some pithy poesy to sum up the several weeks' passage since we last touched base. However, given the whizzing blur the holidays always seem to ... Read more



©Photo by Eric Woolsey, courtesy of The Rep

While one ought to expect every American to have a fair grasp of Mark Twain's major works, it's a near prerequisite for us Show-Me-Staters. Since I can safely count my international readership as m... Read more



Courtesy of The Black Rep

I am a Christmas dork. Lest you mistake that statement for a deep revelation of a long-hidden personal truth, allow me to mention that my automobile currently sports a pair of antlers and a red no... Read more


So, how 'bout that October, huh?  Some kooky month.  Halloween and such.  Oktoberfest and so forth.  Seems the month was active enough to steal my attentions away from things theatrical, as this is... Read more



Photograph by Jeremy Daniel

If you do the musical thing, you should hit up The Addams Family. At the level where a Broadway show goes out on tour, you can safely assume some clever and talented folks have been on board along the way, and that you're in for some well sung, ably danced good-looking entertainment. Read more


Just one week left in this, the busiest danged September I can recall since bookbags and homeroom. Get out to some festivals, did we? Exhume the sweaters from their cedar sepulchre? Invest $50 in t... Read more


Few shows have confounded my writing process like this one. I think a looming factor in my difficulty finding an inroad to discussion of this show is that it left me conflicted; not by the subject mat... Read more


Deanna Jent's play, based on her own experiences as a parent of a child with autism, is pitch-perfect. Read more


This production is evidence that a great show doesn't have to derive from a perfect piece of writing. Read more



Alli Mauzey and Rob McClure. Courtesy of The Muny

Little Shop of Horrors is a fine, fun piece of musical comedy, but I especially enjoyed this production. It's clear, funny, briskly paced, and exceedingly well performed. Focus hard and you might not even notice the melty Chipwich dripping on your knee from the seat next door. Read more


The storyline of Merry Wives of Windsor is pretty standard light Shakespeare comedy fare, with the requisite wooing, match-making, deception, scheming, come-uppance and, of course, drag. Read more


OnSite, who has staged plays in youth hostels and bowling alleys, brings John Patrick Shaney's ("Doubt") existential bar tale to Cusumano's in Maplewood. And it is a ringer. Read more


The premise: independent salon's contented ragtag gaggle of stylists, faced with takeover from corporate entity, plot to get the place back. The story: see premise. Get it? The situation and the premise should comprise the foundation upon which to build a story, but that's all we get, nothing deeper. Read more



L-R: Contini, Wall, Russo. Photograph by John Lamb

Sometimes a simple script, even if it's little more than a rehash with some clever one-liners and an oddball staging conceit, can soar in the hands of a skilled director with an able cast. Insight Theatre Company does not disappoint. Read more



Courtesy of SLAS

So often I twist my brain in knots laboring to devise some clever in-road to one of these reviews; some hey-I-was-just-thinking-and-speaking-of-which construct that makes it seem perfectly natura... Read more



Peggy Billo, Robert Thibaut, Michelle Hand, Gary Wayne Barker. Photo: John Lamb.

The New Jewish Theatre has put together an endearing, engaging work with heart, intelligence and insight. Read more