December 2009

38 local faves for this quintessential culinary combo more

Nelly hosted his fourth annual Black and White Ball at the Chase Park Plaza. Photographs by Diane Anderson. more


Photography by Whitney Curtis

Hailed as the new Gutenberg, a Wentzville inventor brings the electronic revolution full circle more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

Paintings Conservator more

Turning heads-and tables-in downtown Wildwood more

Restaurant Reviews

At one time, lugging golf clubs or sacking groceries was a given for many teens. These days, youngsters wish they had it so good. In fact, during the third quarter, the national unemployment rate for ... more

Advice from a St. Louis cancer survivor for those of us spared the disease more


Photo by Katherine Bish

It’s a recipe for disaster: A person who worked in restaurants—who never owned one (but always wanted to)—came up with a plausible concept, then finally made enough money to make it happen…and then cr... more


Photographs by Whitney Curtis, Wesley Law, Jonathan Pollack, and Dilip Vishwanat; Illustrations by Monica Hellstrom

SLM picks its first St. Louis Luminaries more

Call it what you want. It's working. more


Photograph by Dustin Lucas

Yes, we know this headline makes no sense. It was generated by the Kemper Art Museum’s Facebook Chance Aesthetics Poetry Generator. Keep reading; we promise we didn’t write the story that way… more


Photograph by Dustin Lucas

“This is a good one,” says Atnas, the fluorescent light in Globe Drug playing off her glossy green bob. She holds up a bottle of Shout. “’Cause sometimes you gotta just… ARRRGHH!” She recommends Glass... more


Photograph by Dustin Lucas

Highway 64/40’s makeover more

Isn’t it time politicos set aside their differences by sharing in the spirit of the season? SLM offers a few suggestions. more


From the St. Louis Globe-Democrat archives of the St. Louis Mercantile Library at teh University of Missouri-St. Louis

Window flocking, fairy lights, and giant, poly­vinyl candy canes—it’s all we get anymore. So it’s shocking to see how elaborate department-store Christmas windows remained up into the 1980s. This port... more


Photograph by Mark Gilliland

Remember winning it all? You know, that thing that happened before the Rams’ relentless slide and Matt Holliday’s costly error. At a time when St. Louis could use a victor, the Bandits are as reliab... more

The Mark McGwire steroid saga offers a lesson to be learned more


Photograph by Dale Robinette

An Up in the Air extra—starring St. Louis more

How one bizarre St. Louis book can get you through the holidays more


Illustration by Ryan Greis

Two holiday plays that throw a curve at convention more