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Photograph by Spring Waugh

Jay Farrar is still ambivalent about putting on the bear suit. In his new book, Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs , Farrar—a music veteran whose credits include the bands Uncle Tupelo and Son Vol... Read more

“Act your age” is not advice typically given to, nor accepted by musicians. But these days, Nick Lowe is more than happy to do just that. And not only does he wear his age well—he’s 63—but he’s ... Read more



Photograph by Peter Wochniak, courtesy of Big Muddy Blues Festival

St. Louis’ reputation as a city that nurtured the blues is unimpeachable. Its name is right there in the title of W.C. Handy’s “St. Louis Blues”; even if it wasn’t necessarily the very first blues ... Read more


Photograph by Luzena Adams

Gone Madigan Read more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Chuck Berry was born and raised in St. Louis, and he’s always lived in the area. The city could never contain him—or his myriad musical accomplishments. Yet he is perhaps more a part of his hometow... Read more

Bill Maher makes his living—as the host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and as a standup comedian—commenting on the news. But recently, Maher made some news himself, when he ended his CrazyStu... Read more



L-R: Will Johnson, Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Anders Parker. Photograph by Anna Webber

Last week, Jay Farrar released an album that was half a dozen years—or more than a decade and a half, depending on how you look at it—in the making. The Woody Guthrie tribute album New Multitudes ... Read more



Photograph by Matthew Washburn

We’re only six weeks into 2012, but already the new year has spawned a track that deserves to linger in the minds of folk-rock fans for a long time. It could land, perhaps, on various Top 10 lists ... Read more



Photograph by Tony Mottram

These days, you’re more likely to see Jason Ringenberg in his guise as children’s music performer Farmer Jason than see him fronting the hard-rocking, proto-alt-country band Jason & the Scorcher... Read more



Courtesy of Bloodshot Records

Over the course of two nights at St. Louis’ now-defunct Lucas Schoolhouse in 2007, the Bottle Rockets performed two live sessions for a more-or-less “unplugged” album that would be released that fall. For whatever reason, the recordings of those concerts have remained on the shelf until now; "Not So Loud: An Acoustic Evening," is being released today. Read more


Among the headliners of this year’s Twangfest is The Baseball Project, a switch-hitting supergroup featuring Steve Wynn (late of the Dream Syndicate and currently a solo artist); Scott McCaughey, (Young Fresh Fellows, Minus 5); Peter Buck (R.E.M., Minus 5); and Wynn’s wife, Linda Pitmon (Golden Smog, Miracle 3). Currently, Buck’s R.E.M. bandmate, Mike Mills, is touring in his stead.) Read more


Guy Fieri admits being a frustrated, wannabe rock star. But he can’t sing and he doesn’t play any instruments. Lucky for him, celebrity chefs are the new rock stars. “I don’t play guitar; I play the g... Read more


Innes, formerly of Monty Python, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, and the Rutles, plays Off Broadway this Sunday. We talked to him about his solo show, “A People’s Guide to World Domination,” Death Cab for Cutie pinching its name from one of his songs, and drinking gin and tonics with John Lennon. Read more


Where will you be on Saturday? It's Record Store Day. And St. Louis is lucky to still have more than a couple of actual, physical record stores... Read more



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Pavlov’s Dog is back again, news that will have prog rock fans in some quarters drooling like…well, like the real Pavlov’s Dog. Read more



Photograph by Paul Nordmann

The world takes note of Pokey LaFarge's antique music revolution. Read more


Photograph from Wikimedia Commons

Merle Haggard returns to Missouri to play the Fox on Wednesday...despite the deep psychic wounds inflicted by his time in Branson, which he claims was worse than San Quentin. Read more


Anthony Bourdain discusses his new book, his opinions on the Food Network, dirty water dogs, and the future of <i>No Reservations</i> before his lecture show at the Fox Theatre on Friday, Oct. 1. Read more


Anthony Bourdain discusses his new book, his opinions on the Food Network, dirty water dogs, and the future of <i>No Reservations</i> before his lecture show at the Fox Theatre on Friday, Oct. 1. Read more


Courtesy of Random House

Our rock critic weighs in on Steve Almond's tribute to DFs (drooling fanatics) everywhere. Read more