Christy Marshall

I’m actually one of those schmaltzy souls who does count blessings instead of sheep before I go to sleep (thank you, Irving Berlin)... Read more



Illustration by Angie Rehe

Designer Julie Abner creates a simple, sleek slumber suite. Read more

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Photography by Jennifer Silverberg

Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers may have padlocked its doors, but other auction houses have sprung up in its place, including Leslie Hindman Auctioneers (32 N. Brentwood, 314-833-0833, Read more



Photography by Sam Fentress

This year’s competition was fiercer than ever before. Read more

Architect & Designer Awards


Photography by Jennifer Silverberg

In the five years since we published our last guide to shopping for furniture, the landscape has changed dramatically... Read more

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Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Phillips Furniture may be gone, but in reality the store was simply purchased by Memphis-based Dufresne Spencer Group, which has put one of its other entities, Stash Home, in the 28,000-square-foot space. Read more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

St. Louis schools are seeking new ways to improve education, from rethinking public policies to reexamining longtime traditions. Read more

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Photography by Carmen Troesser

A new program offers an inclusive option for college students with disabilities. Read more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

This shop stars local talent Read more



Sucheta Bide

If you have ever tried to take a piece of down-and-out furniture and lacquer it back to life, you know that it looks a lot easier than it actually is. Read more

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Coldwell Banker Gundaker

Imminently livable, the residence has two decks—one off the kitchen and one on the rooftop. Read more


Finding top-notch zebra and cow hides can be challenging. Until now. St. Louis-based FORSYTH is now selling both to consumers through it's website. Read more

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Kevin A. Roberts

In the 17th century, tea was cherished—and cher. So people locked away the loose leaves in tin- or lead-lined tea caddies. Read more



Illustration by Matt Lehman

It’s not unusual to see countless year-in-review packages around this time, as many media outlets recap the past 12 months. Instead, we decided to take a look forward. Read more

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If you’re looking to update the look of your house to make it 2015 fine, then we’d like to bring several trends to your attention. Read more

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We doubt Kate and William would ever, ever consider raising George and child-to-come outside the castle walls but if they did and considering their lineage, this Tudor might fill the bill. Read more


Jay Strongwater's jewels for the home are revered by collectors. Read more

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Bumper Bed in Dog-Eared Persimmon

William Wegman

Remember chairs and sofas covered brocades, wool tweeds, heavy velvets—materials that defy anything short of a professional to get clean? Fuhgeddaboudit. That is so yesteryear. Read more

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Garcia Properties

This charmer at 5910 Marwinette in Holly Hills is Hansel-and-Gretel perfect. Read more



Angela Staehling

Above all else, we absolutely love to ballyhoo local talent. And it’s certainly not hard to shout the praises of local artist, Angela Staehling. Read more

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