Chris Naffziger

Combining new technology and capital, the firm of Adler and Sullivan revolutionized architecture in the years between two great commissions: Chicago’s 1889 Auditorium Building and St. Louis’s 1891 Wainwright Building. Read more


Bungalow with Its Neighbor, Photo by Chris Naffziger.jpg

Photo by Chris Naffziger

SLM's architectural historian points out four insidious threats to St. Louis' common heritage. Read more


Saturday 3.jpg

Photo by Chris Naffziger

First it was saved from demolition, and now it’s on shaky ground again. Read more


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Courtesy of Earthbound Beer

You’re gonna get hot watching the fireworks. Here’s a cool, refreshing look at brewery architecture, and the backstory of Earthbound's new (but historic) brewhouse. Read more


Copyright St. Louis Patina-6296.jpg

Courtesy of St. Louis Patina

That mansion in Psycho? We have plenty more like it, and rowhouses too. But we’ve lost the playful exuberance of the originals. Read more


5577 Lindell Boulevard, Photograph by Chris Naffziger.jpg

Photo by Chris Naffziger

See the "starter homes" of the Busches, Lemps, Griesediecks, and Mallinckrodts. Read more



Photo by Kevin A. Roberts

Inside Matt and Josh Bender's 120-square-foot woodworking shop, in the basement of Matt’s house in Rock Hill, the two meet regularly after their day jobs—Josh is an architect, Matt a graphic designer. Read more

Interior Design

Highway ramps approaching Poplar Street Bridge, a. 1970, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis, P0197-S02-00024.jpg

Courtesy of the Missouri History Museum

The long, cracked history of a bridge in constant need of repair Read more


flores mexicanas.jpg

Courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society

Also included: a mysterious, forgotten fifth woman Read more


Ann Aurbach Photo Flood Saint Louis 2.jpg

Photo by Ann Aurbach

This monument was a heroic effort all round. Read more


Wellston Industrial Park Looking Southwest Towards Downtown Clayton.jpg

Photo by Chris Naffziger

Once an economic hub, Wellston was poisoned by industrial toxins, unrelieved poverty, and failed political promises. Read more


3640 Marine Avenue, Photo by William Swekosky, 1940-1959, Missouri History Museum, N05082.jpg

Photo by William Swekosky; courtesy of the Missouri History Museum

Those cupolas and slender columns brought an idealized, European rusticity to a swiftly urbanizing Midwest. Read more


Old St. Louis County Courthouse

Photo by Ralph D'Oench, courtesy of the Missouri History Museum

First the county needed a county seat, then a judge, a charter, a supervisor, an executive. Now it just needs a calm and sensible leader. Read more


1930 Packard Speedster Eight Phaeton_Darin Schnabel © 2019 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s.jpg

Darin Schnabel ©2019 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

The offerings include the Duesenberg quartet. Read more


Vandeventer Place, Looking West, Photograph by Emil Boehl, c. 1880, Missouri History Museum, N40441.jpg

Photograph by Emil Boehl, c. 1880, Missouri History Museum

Depending on your view, they're either reminders of the glory days or relics of unresolved class resentment. Read more


10401 Watson-1.jpg

Photo by Virginia Harold

“I thought maybe [the homeowners] had found old paintings in their basement, so I was totally surprised to discover they were talking about entire rooms covered with murals,” says Jill Arnone of the Sunset Hills Historical Society. Read more

Interior Design

The home of architect Theodore Link

Photo by Chris Naffziger

A look at the wonderful wood houses of the West End Read more


East Facade of St. Francis Xavier College Church.jpg

Photo by Chris Naffziger

We're so used to seeing that white stone silhouette on SLU's campus, it's easy to forget the soaring interior, brilliant stained glass, and translucent marble sculptures inside this Gothic Revival masterpiece. Read more


Overall View of Phases I and II by Kris Wells Ottolino, Winters and Huebner, Inc. 2.png

Rendering by Kris Wells for Ottolino Winters Huebner, Inc.

The community pulled together—drawing inspiration from the Washington Monument and World Trade Center Memorial—to commemorate courage and sacrifice. Read more



Courtesy of Big Muddy Dance Company

It includes a preview of 'Bach in Motion,' which will be performed in full May 2. Read more