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Courtesy of Washington University

As philosophy student, fiction writing student (believe it or not), journalist, traitor, and writer under attack. Read more



Photo by Kevin A. Roberts

Rocking Under the Radar, organized by drummer Nick Barbieri, aims to introduce St. Louis to top-notch local bands that haven't played LouFest or gotten a lot of press. Read more


Shakespeare Festival St. Louis and the International Museum of Photography are looking for local photographers to capture in a photograph a decisive moment in one of Shakespeare's 38 plays. Read more

Visual Arts

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Courtesy of Jessica Hentoff

Jessica Hentoff and her "flying children" perform this Friday at .ZACK. Read more

Performing Arts

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Photograph by Wojciech Wandzel

Steve Reich's 1993 multimedia piece, “The Cave,” is one of those things that is like no other thing. Read more



Photograph by Caroline Tabah

“When they experience my piece,” Dharmoo said of the St. Louis audience adjusting to Trump’s America, “it will be hard for people not to think about assimilation and the mainstream way of thinking about what’s normal.” Read more



Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios / Magnolia Pictures. Photo credit: © Byron Newman.

"Gimme Danger" shows us the human dimension of a legendary figure in a way that’s very rare, almost never accomplished. Read more



Photograph by Pamela Littky

Tegan and Sara made a big, bold break from indie rock to pop in 2013—and didn't, as they feared, lose their core audience. Now, with their new record, "Love You to Death," the goal is to go from support band to headliners. Read more


Omnivore Recordings releases the epic, three-disc compilation today; for fans, it just cinches up the fact that "Third," is a rock 'n' roll classic for the ages. Read more


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Photograph by Virginia Harold

Fire Dog has made it this far because it was started by young grownups to begin with, and they are aging gracefully. Read more


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Photograph by Chris King

Will Ivanhoe save the damsel in distress mistaken as a sorceress and vanquish her sword-swinging captor? The only way to know for sure is to come to the movie theater and see this rare picture with the live local band playing along. Read more

Performing Arts

J.A. Moad's new play is set in Kentucky and will have its world premiere in the Twin Cities, but it has its roots in dark nights he spent as a boy in Granite City, Illinois. Read more



© Alicia J. Rose

For post-punk fans who have spent intimate time listening to the American pioneers of the early 1980s, like Hüsker Dü, The Minutemen and The Meat Puppets, the continuing solo career and fairly steady gigging of Bob Mould is a marvel. Read more


Depending on how well you know him, McGovern is either the least likely or the most inevitable singer in the St. Louis music scene to release original music for the first time under his own artist name in 2016. Read more


"The Hill Recordings" evokes the masters who write those songs that sound like they were always already there, a facet of creation rather than a human contrivance. Read more


The show, which hangs until September 17, is perfectly titled "Grainy Black & White." That’s an apt description of Reuter's taste in photography, borrowed from the lyrics of one of his finest songs. Read more

Visual Arts

It should be classified as a rock ‘n’ roll miracle that anyone got all of the surviving Replacements to talk on the record for an unauthorized band bio. Read more



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GBV is touring on the release of "Please Be Honest," and will play The Ready Room on April 27. Read more



Photograph courtesy of Dustin Rabin Photography

The Canadian pop-rock band Tegan and Sara play the Pageant 8 p.m. Sunday, March 10 on tour for their seventh studio record, Heartthrob . Fronted by identical twin sisters, Tegan Quin and Sara ... Read more



Sunyatta McDermott, Rilke Griffin and Marla Griffin in "A Variety of Mysteries"

In the Philosophy of Literature lectures later distilled into Reading Rilke , William H. Gass burned into my brain the concept of a “Journal of My Other Self.” That was the poet Rainer Maria Rilke... Read more