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Even after a decade and a half, that first syllable keeps confusing noobs. Twang fest: “Dueling Banjos,” yes? Well, no . The nonprofit music festival, this year celebrating its crystal anniversary, ... Read more

Window-shopping the world may come just a smidge too easily thanks to the Internet, as I learned recently on losing my heart, if not my wallet, to Nada Debs. A singularly striking brunette raised in J... Read more


 In household furnishings, are we entering an era of jock chic?   Occasioning that question—posed, of course, by a professional writer, a creature whose idea of calisthenics begins and ends with heft... Read more


Sometimes, for good or for ill, God or Fate or happenstance reminds us that the concept of “the home” extends beyond the walls of our house or the surveyed bounds of our real estate. During this most ... Read more


Maintaining a home office demands engaging in a blood feud with a piece of furniture: the desk. Now, if that assertion seems absurd to naysayers among this blog’s readers, I certainly sympathize... Read more


Absolutely no one can surpass us in our admiration for St. Louis native Charles Eames (1907–78), whose centennial we celebrated in a brief piece titled “The Man Who Designed Tomorrow” in the May/Ju... Read more


Given both the solemnity of Veterans Day and, more gloomily, our continuing life during wartime, the discovery of El Casco staplers recently sparked a welcome spot of cheer. That 90-year-old Spanish c... Read more


Would you like to learn more about modern architecture here—and perhaps even participate in its preservation? If so, then steer your spaceship, your steed, or just your trusty sedan to Atomic Cowboy ... Read more


When the catalog arrived in the day’s mail, its cover instantly made me think of Steve and chuckle. Now, by “the catalog,” I mean the glossy 72-page 2010 holiday preview from Signals , the northeaste... Read more


For many of us, college marks the first extended experience of extra-residential residence, of making ourselves (pardon the obligatory branding) AT HOME away from home, of living with strange people o... Read more


Regular AT HOME readers may have recently experienced a Brian Eno-esque “been there, done that” moment from an unlikely source: The Big Black Book . That prestige-bound publication issues semiannuall... Read more


Quite craftily, a new specialty shop comes to Soulard. Read more


Photograph courtesy of the Strange Folk Festival

“A mad-science experiment that twists pop culture with eclectic resourcefulness.” Autumn Wiggins uses that delicious phrase to characterize Strange Folk—and who better to describe the Illinois indie a... Read more


Photograph Courtesy of Farm Aid

For family farmers, Farm Aid continues to sow the seeds of perseverance—this year in St. Louis. Read more


Photograph by Nick Schnelle

Every three months, this Shaw resident has a brush with greatness—in oil, India ink, and other media. Read more

With the mayoral primary just 10 days before the ides, should the city’s answer to Caesar fear Romans with swords? Read more

And what might our man-of-the-people mayor do if he got there? Read more

A new five-day festival seeks to fire a local dialogue on science Read more

AT HOME Tech Texts by Bryan A. Hollerbach , Managing Editor Do members of Homo sapiens with functional cerebra actually reach into garbage disposals? The preceding incredulous query derives dir... Read more


AT HOME Tech Texts by Bryan A. Hollerbach , Managing Editor The Shopper's Desk includes a pencil holder―basically two holes and two intervening notches for stability. That fact, alas, speaks vol... Read more