August 2005

Pasadena Hills was built with St. Louis weather in mind. Its lush, vibrant landscape blocks a blazing summer day so that streets running through this North County enclave receive only a few bright rays through the foliage. Read more

Five of the nation's top 100 fine-art fair are in the St. Louis area - and the world's center is shifting. Read more

COOPERSTOWN is a primo destination, but it’s tucked so deeply in the hills and mountains of upstate New York that just getting there can be a trip in and of itself. Read more

A Pickup game in the rest of the world, soccer has a triumphant history here - but are we organizing it to death? Read more

By Christy Marshall Think of the early days of Saturday Night Live , and the names light up in neon in your mind: Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, ... Read more

By Susan Caba Photograph by Theresa Arnold Folded into a Lotus Seven—1,200 pounds of speed and nerve in an aluminum skin—we were doing 85 along a winding suburban road. The car hugged the road like a ... Read more

By Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photographs by Theresa Arnold It started with an antique brass skull, bought on impulse in New York. More skulls followed, in ivory, jade, crystal, silver. Then, a few year... Read more

Da Butz charms Broadway—and brings home a Tony Award By Jim Nicholson When Norbert Leo Butz—whose less-than-euphonic name has been the bane of his career—rose to accept the 2005 Tony Award for Best Ac... Read more

By Lauren Leicht Trees as old as dinosaurs are rooted here in the Gateway City. The Wollemi pine, a member of a 200-million-year-old plant family, was thought extinct until bushwalker David Noble disc... Read more

The students of Riverview Gardens High School return to class soon, but they won’t be seeing their popular former principal Clem Ukaoma By Traci Angel District officials ousted Ukaoma before school wa... Read more

A middle-aged white rock ‘n’ roller struggles to hear the music in St. Louis hip-hop By Chris King Photograph by Wiley Price Hip-hop is not music, it’s noise—violent ranting over mechanized sounds sto... Read more

“Beer on a stick! Beer on a stick!” “Cotton candy! Cotton ca-a-a-ndy!” “Pe-e-e-a-nuts! Pe-e-e-a-nuts!” By Jim Nicholson Photograph by Adam Scott Williams You hear cries at the ballpark that you’ll hea... Read more

Who says sports have to be cutthroat? For the Cougars and the Eagles, baseball is pure fun By Adam Scott Williams Photograph by Becca Young “Libby, it’s time to warm up,” says Jeff Harvey to his Eagle... Read more

One of the Saint Louis' hottest new dining spots, Savor, offers a twist on international cuisine. Read more

A conversation with St. Louis ficton writer, Scott Phillips. Read more

Women are knitting and quilting again, soothing jangled nerves with color and rhythm and camaraderie. Read more


Photography By Theresa Arnold

Improv genius Ed Reggi lives "in the moment" all over the world. Read more

Dr. Margaret-Mary Wilson was born in Nigeria but, because her father was in the foreign service, grew up mainly in England, flying back and forth between separate worlds. She is now associate professor of geriatric medicine at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, and she replied gladly when the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas invited her to their annual conference. Read more

Dennis Rabbitt was raping women for 25 years before he was caught--and for almost 20 years before anybody even started looking for him. But when the St. Louis Police Department started its hunt, it looked as if he'd begun in 1992 and raped six women on the South Side. Read more

Busch Stadium never impressed anyone outside St. Louis. Decried by pundits as cookie-cutter and nondescript, it was lumped in with other 1960s multipurpose venues in such places as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Atlanta. Read more