2018 Arch Grounds Reopening

On July 3, 2018, the Museum at the Gateway Arch will open to the public just in time for Fair St. Louis' return to the riverfront on July 4. The new museum is just one piece in a larger $380 million dollar riverfront renovation project that's spanned several years. As we await the opening, here's what to expect the first week of July as well as a look at how the Mississippi River has shaped our region. 

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Courtesy of Gateway Arch Park Foundation

Designers of the museum, which debuted this week, incorporated "universal design." Read more


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Photo by Whitney Curtis

With the museum reopening July 3 and Fair Saint Louis returning to the Arch grounds, there will be plenty to do along the riverfront next week. Read more


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Seating Area.jpg

Courtesy of Spiegelglass Construction Company

Expect a farm-to-table menu, vending machines, box lunches, and a coffee bar. Read more



Photography by Balthazar Korab, courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-KRB00-128

America in 1960 was all about atom bombs and astronauts, bright flashes of all sorts, things always being on the up and up. Read more



Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Edward Lekosky tells all on the Mississippi River. Read more

Ever spot the rock on a plinth at Broadway and Mound Street and wonder what it is? It’s the site of Big Mound, the last of the Native-American mounds to be leveled on the North Side. Read more


Photograph courtesy of Ed Lekosky

A look back at the history of the Mississippi River Read more



Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

“You get to see the sun rise and set every day,” says lock-and-dam operator Blaine Napier. “This is where I’ll end my career.” Read more



Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation and Danny Brown

Wildlife roams its banks, swim through its currents, and soars high above. Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

For Tim Tucker, co-owner of the Cotton Belt Building, the time he’s spent on the north riverfront “was a spiritual experience." Read more



Photograph by Peter Newcomb

It was arguably the most destructive flood in American history, inundating nine states over the spring, summer and early fall of 1993. Read more