Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss on her new line, favorite hangouts, and coming home

During a quiet moment at her hotel—before models strutted the runway and Charlie XCX rocked The Pageant—Kloss shared her thoughts about how her St. Louis stomping grounds have shaped her.


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"Vegan, beer-themed, rustic chic, if I had to give it a name," says Jen Lewis of her nuptials to Dennis Caplinger. more

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Emily Milford and Tom Stevenson grew up just three miles away from each other in Webster Groves—but they didn't meet until their time at Mizzou. more

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Eight seniors will unveil their final collections—which includes a dress made out of balloons and fashion for pets—on April 23 at Third Degree Glass Factory. more

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Photo by Carretto Studio

A break-dancing Santa Claus made an appearance, of course. more

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The organization's clothing and accessories are adorned with one of three phrases: “Love is brave,” “Compassion is badass,” and “I am a work in progress.” more

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