November 2019 Incredible Kids

The November Incredible Kid of St. Louis: Eva


October Incredible Kids Winner

Each year at The College School, seventh graders focus on environmental issues. Students pick an issue that is meaningful to them and develop a report to present to their classmates and teachers. This year, one student decided that she wanted to do more than a presentation. Eva raised money for 4Oceans, a nonprofit that specializes in removing plastic from oceans. Eva worked with school administrators and teachers to build awareness of 4Oceans to the school community. Through school bake sales, Eva was able to raise over $600 to donate to 4Oceans for them to pull out over 20 pounds of plastic from the ocean. Her passion for clean oceans made an impact on 4Oceans, but also ignited her fellow students to follow their passions while supporting causes that impact their world.

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