Post-Dispatch Ruins Urban Chestnut’s Dog Policy With Rant About Pee

Dogs are only allowed outside after St. Louis Post-Dispatch food writer Dan Neman blasted the local brewery.



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Also, why aren't people leaving STL in droves over the nuclear waste?

When, 'underground fire' and "tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste," are combined----or even just "tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste" & the Coldwater Creek Cancer Map---it seems that a mass migration would be expedited.

amy more than 1 year ago

Burning nuclear waste is ok, but loses his sh*t over puppy piddle?

Seriously--which of those do you this will do more harm?? And for the record, dog urine probably made that the most sterile part of the floor.

Amy Jordan more than 1 year ago

Service Animal

"IF" they ask, just say your dog is a service animal. According the ADA they can't even ask you let alone make you prove it. Just keep going along as normal.

mike more than 1 year ago

Nice work!

I have always had dogs but I am not like a lot of self absorbed owners who feel that everyone else in the world should love them as much as they do. If you absolutely have to have your dog with you at every moment maybe you should apply for psychiatric service dog status. From the comments I've read you all should have no problem meeting the requirements. Leave your dog at home unless you can train it to be the designated driver . . .

Go Trump more than 1 year ago


Well, he's just a critic. People should form their own opinions about things -- restaurants, films, events, etc. -- and not pay attention to critics. Critics are simply freeloaders. They get free meals and tickets so they don't have to open their Scrooge McDuck coin purses. They think they are so erudite that their opinion actually matters. Forget critics. Be an adult and form your own opinions. This is how intelligent he is: who im their right mind would pick up a French fry from the floor out of a wet spot of any kind? Especially that restaurants serve such huge piles of fries that one should actually matter? Balderdash! Sorry doggies.

Dan Law more than 1 year ago

Ban all the annoyances!

I frequent the UCBC Grove location and have never once been annoyed or bothered by the presence of dogs there. Human babies are another matter. They are loud and gross and have no place in a bar. Am I suggesting that babies should be banned? Absolutely not. Just because I can't stand them doesn't mean they should be barred, prevent their parents from going to a great bierhall. However, now, dog owners cannot take their furry friends with them to enjoy such a great atmosphere together. Well done, food writer Dan Neman. You sure have improved everyone's quality of life and definitely not ruined weekend plans for anyone.

I sincerely hope that this can be fixed. Or, if not, then babies can be banned as well. I mean, it's only fair, right? And then on to ban anyone or anything else that annoys even a single person.

Christopher more than 1 year ago

The Only Time Dogs Should Be in Restaurants...

The only time dogs should be allowed in restaurants is if they're on the menu.

John more than 1 year ago

Screw you poeople

As some one who has allergies, I applaud this move.
You may love your dog, but for some of they are like poison.
Stop being so inconsiderate of other people while you break the law.

mrsleep more than 1 year ago

Same to you

As a person with allergies, you can choose not to frequent said establishment. Plenty of places to get a cold beer.

Suckit more than 1 year ago

D-Bag Express

Shame on urban chestnut for being bullied. As a long time craft beer fan the only reason to go to urban chestnut was for the dog fundraisers... I guess this is another reason besides their mediocre craft beer not to go to urban chestnut.

DeezNuts more than 1 year ago

K9 PC Police

The writer's next assignment should be to count all the CWE sidewalk dog doo violations, with 8x10 color glossy photos with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.... He should weigh each doody pile and determine the breed by it's odor, color & consistency. A review of poo....

lucky more than 1 year ago

What a hero!

Finally, a local hero stands up for justice. Dan Neman has righted a wrong that has plagued this city for far too long. He's a modern-day Superman or Batman. I can't wait to read of his next crime-fighting adventure.

Stevey B more than 1 year ago

A Dastardly Cad

He's a dastadly cad.

Dan Suckskokz more than 1 year ago

Kudos to Dan Nemen

UCBC was violating city law, Dan called them out on it, and UCBC corrected their policy. Sounds like Dan did exactly what journalists are supposed to do, so kudos to him and shame on those vilifying him for doing the right thing.

As for their revised policy, UCBC will indeed continue to allow dogs at their restaurants, just as long as they are kept outside. This should please both the animal lovers as well as those who prefer not to eat surrounded by dogs (like allergy sufferers, families with kids afraid of dogs, people concerned with hygiene, etc). It's the same thing as cigarette smoking - allow it outside, ban it inside.

So thank you to UCBC for changing their policy, and thank you to the Post-Dispatch for shining a light on the subject.

Ken Tucker more than 1 year ago

Dogs in bars

I was just talking to someone about how much I loved that dogs were allowed at UC. In Europe dogs are allowed in cafes all the time. As long as they're not in the kitchen, I don't see a problem. Also, I won't eat food that has fallen on a table at a restaurant, let alone the floor. If it was just an article and one phone call, I could understand the food writer commenting, but the reaction seems excessive.

Kassi more than 1 year ago

Thank you St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I'm sure if the owner was aware of the dog's situation, they would have taken the dog out to take a piss. Don't blame the newspaper.

Doggie Dude more than 1 year ago

This is lame (this story, that is

Boy, is it editorial policy to fawn over Urban Chestnut or what? Where's the "commentary" tag on this? I'm not sure Lindsay Toler can really throw stones at the Post-Dispatch when she doesn't bother to distinguish coverage from commentary. Since when are dogs in a bar an unalloyed good? For some reason, people always have to learn the hard way that dogs can't be everywhere all the time, and it's not like restricting your rights or something to bar them from places where food is consumed. If you want your dog to be with you all the time, figure that out for yourself. Restaurants and bars don't exist to make all your dreams come true.

No. 1 Sycophant more than 1 year ago

Peeing Pooch Pecadillo

Was Neman correct that allowing dogs inside the bier hall at Urban Chestnut was technically against health code rules? Yes. Was this a rampant problem and serious threat to the patrons' health that necessitated it being reported? No. Likely, the peeing pooch was an exception, and accidents do happen. As many mentioned in the comments on Neman's article, human adults and children also pee, puke, sneeze, etc. Neman's fear of someone picking up and eating a french fry dropped in a puddle of pee is laughable. If someone is so dense (or perhaps drunk, in a bier hall) that they do not notice their french fry is swimming in a puddle of liquid, and they still eat it, they have more problems than peeing pooches.

Just because you have the power to publicly take down a restaurant's dog-friendly policy does not mean you should. Neman deserves all the criticism that is coming his way for his choice.

Kat more than 1 year ago

Are we sure it was pee

Did Neman check that it was pee or did he just assume spilled beer was pee. Also, people still read the Post-Disgrace? Regardless, I enjoyed bringing my dog there and he has never urinated in any establishment or home. UC is a nice place and I'm thankful they allowed dogs. At this point, I have one more reason to stay home with my dog rather than spend my money in St. Louis restaurants and bars. I hope the city takes a long look at these ordinances. This is a non-issue in much of Europe. This is a good reminder that it only takes one a-hole to ruin things for everyone. (Yes, I'm referring to Neman and the suspected urinator's owner.)

Drew B. more than 1 year ago

The Equivalents

As a fellow patron of many St. Louis establishments, I must present a series of questions framed around a commonly known game, "Would You Rather?" 1) "Would You Rather" listen to a intoxicated individual ranting and raving about reality TV shows OR observe two 4-legged friends meet and greet each other? 2) "Would You Rather" listen to a baby scream and shout OR enjoy the playful sounds of two pups mixin' and minglin"? 3) "Would You Rather" smell the toxic odor of diaper stench stemming from an infant with parents that are more interested in enjoying their libations rather than changing the soiled under-garments of their offspring OR observe dedicated personnel of a respectable eating establishment cleaning up messes of not only human patrons, but also the beloved "man's best friend?"

Next time your friend is too drunk to be in public or your child is causing such a scene that tables around you are staring, compare that to a little puddle of pee that is easily taken care of.

Place Grace more than 1 year ago

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