Missouri Firearms Bill Would Make Guns As Difficult to Access As Abortions

Missouri Rep. Stacey Newman’s pre-filed bill would require anyone buying a gun to follow the restrictions required of women seeking abortions, including a 72-hour waiting period.



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God Given Ability

Killing a baby is not the same as purchasing a firearm to protect yourself. Rep. Newman is a prime example of what happens to a person who believes the liberal news media. She has lost her God given ability to think.

Tom more than 1 year ago

Clear, intelligent and to the point

Finally some hope in a politician who dares to propose a smart way to educate people about real risks of gun ownership

Wilma more than 1 year ago

Rep Stacey Newman

If you did your homework, most of the gun violence is by illegal guns. How would making it harder to obtain legal guns affect your current crime rate? The answer is it that didn't. This appears to be bother delusional politician that has no sense of reality and talk fluff instead of facts.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

If you did your homework..

If you did your homework, you would know that women routinely obtain abortions for unwanted and/or dangerous pregnancies, regardless of the legality and safety of the procedure. If you did your homework, you would know that illegal abortions were consistently responsible for almost 20% of pregnancy-related deaths throughout the 20th century- until abortion was made legal.

How does making it harder to obtain legal (and safe) abortions affect the lives of anyone other than the woman seeking the service? The answer is that it doesn't. The GOP in Missouri proves time and time again to be another group of delusional politicians that have no sense of reality, humanity, or compassion, and talk fluff instead of facts.

New Yorker more than 1 year ago

So What Youre saying...

So what you're saying is legal abortion don't kill babies, because some women are gonna kill babies anyway whether there was a law or not. Is that right? Kinda like criminals are gonnal eople with guns whether there are laws or not. Talk about delusional with no sense of reality, humanity or compassion.

Tyrone more than 1 year ago

I got an idea that should be a standard for running for office, this representative should have never been allowed in office, shame on those people that allow this idiot in office.


Brad Ruhl more than 1 year ago

She cares about all life

She's an idiot but these people are not? If a person says he cares about life, then he should care about all-life. http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/03/12/3394531/missouri-abortion-restrictions/

John Anno more than 1 year ago

abortions vs guns

Does that mean the government is going to give 500 million to gun makers like it does to Planned Parenthood?

Don more than 1 year ago

Government assistance

The government already gives significantly more than that to gun makers. Why would they need more?

Ben Hansem more than 1 year ago

Stacy Newman for President

This is without a doubt the best idea I have heard so far. I know that there is zero chance of this getting passed but I commend representative Newman for taking a stand against the obvious lack of gun regulations in this country. This should be passed not only in Missouri, but nation wide. I find it humerous that we as Americans look at the Middle East with their bombings and terrorist attacks, and have the gual to say that we are any better than they are , and that we need to protect ourselves from the Middle East while home grown right wing terrorists are so abundant here and yet we do nothing about them. Bravo Representative Newman, Bravo!!

Show Burn more than 1 year ago

Stacey Newman for president

You obviously don't realize most gun violence is from illegal guns obtained by criminals. This will not prevent what is happening. This type of ignorance is why this happens.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

Stacey Newman for Gun Rationality Commissioner

Sarah, there is no silver bullet that will solve all scenarios. This bill would certainly lower Missouri's toddler as shooters rate. There is evidence in the pediatric medical literature that having these kinds of conversations lowers the rate of children being injured by guns in the home. Education is a good thing.

Anna more than 1 year ago

You obviously don't realize...

You obviously don't realize that almost half of the abortions performed each year throughout the world are illegal. Laws that place unnecessary and over-the-top restrictions on abortion services and providers will not prevent what is happening- the statistics clearly prove it. This type of ignorance is why tens of thousands of women will die each year, a direct result of making abortion illegal and/or inaccessible.

New Yorker more than 1 year ago

How do illegally obtained weapons become as such?

One way is by being stolen from persons who legally obtained them. Another is by black where large quantities are stolen. If we make it more difficult to obtain, then fewer guns will be sold meaning less to manufacture = less chance of a large shipment mysteriously vanishing on its way to retailer. It's not rocket science.

Cory more than 1 year ago

Stacey Newman for President

She's right ON the money. Congratulations Representative Newman

Sammie more than 1 year ago

Missouri Firearms Bill

Holy Cow! This woman State Rep. Stacey Newman sounds like an extremist! How do people like this get into office? Shame on whoever voted for this woman.

Larry Schlote more than 1 year ago

Extremist? Really?

So she's an extremist for proposing that the same restrictions placed on abortion by the right-wing looneys in your state be applied to guns? Last time I checked, firearms are responsible for the death and serious injury of thousands of people each year- but they go completely unregulated. Abortion is a completely safe (and legal) medical procedure, a procedure that carries less risk of serious complication then a tonsillectomy; and keeping it accessible and legal is proven to save the lives of hundreds of women each year.

But let's allow basically anyone to purchase an assault weapon (or six) without any type of counseling, risk management, training, or regulation. And I know you're going to respond with "well most gun violence is from guns that were obtained illegally"- well if any old Joe Schmoe can purchase an AK-47 at his local Walmart, then what's stopping him from buying one for his brother, a convicted felon? And the same politicians that "support the 2nd amendment" and support unrestricted firearm access are the same politicians that file bills restricting and over-regulating abortion and then vote to pass them.

Your state's GOP looneys are consistently pushing their religious beliefs and "morals" down the throats of every single woman that lives in the state, but Stacey Newman is the extremist in this situation?

New Yorker more than 1 year ago

Safe? Really?

How is abortion safe? It's baby killing. Last time I checked, killing a baby isn't what one would consider safe. At least not for the baby. You pretend to care for people's lives, yet think it's ok to kill babies. Anti-Abortion is not a religious belief. It's a moral issue that you liberals seem to consistantly gloss over the most basic fact of. It's Killing Babies! Pro-Baby Killers like yourself don't seem to care about facts though.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Representative Newman

Before submitting your proposal, I would recommend a couple of items to research. First, when a firearm is used in the commission of a crime against another individual, find out what percentage are registered to the criminal. Next, your 120 mile requirement to purchase a firearm could not apply to people living close to the state border. A person in St. Louis could easily cross the river make a purchase, in addition, they would not be subject to the rules your are proposing. Your idea of making a person visit families and faith leaders would require these people to agree to it and may substantially burden, to the point of the law being overturned in court, the purchaser since if you don't live near one of the larger cities, it may be difficult to find people affect by gun violence. Lastly, included in your viewing requirements should be an informational video about the AK-47 model of firearm. This alone has killed more people in the world, by far, than any other. The reason being because the governments of the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, N. Korea, Pakistan and some others, used them to kill millions upon millions of people because the citizens of those countries had had them taken away, leaving them with no way to defend themselves.

Jeff more than 1 year ago

A burden?

Oh golly, a set of laws and regulations that would burden someone trying to purchase a firearm?

What about the thousands of women living in Missouri who are more then "substantially" burdened when they need to terminate their pregnancy? Like the women who need to travel out of state just to exercise their Constitutional right to make their own health care decisions without the interference of bigoted politicians. Like the women who must meet with a "counselor" to hear biased and inaccurate state-mandated scripts written up by politicians who enjoy shoving their religious ideologies down everyone else's throats.

As for the video- I could only hope and pray that it contains a boatload of unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and dramatized "facts" to try and dissuade an individual from buying a gun, in the same fashion that these state mandated abortion scripts and videos do. Maybe then the GOP nuts can get a taste of their own medicine.

New Yorker more than 1 year ago

A burden?

god forbid you inconvenience a gun owner

Sammie more than 1 year ago

Dear Representative Newman;

What a wonderful idea - but why stop with guns? I am extremely concerned about the carnage in this country caused by motor vehicles (which exceeds the number of deaths caused by firearms). These motor vehicle related atrocities occur nowhere else on this planet. It is entirely too easy to obtain a motor vehicle in America - it's easier to buy a car than it is to buy vegetables or books.

Here's a suggestion: Henceforth, no person shall be allowed to purchase a motor vehicle without a mandatory 72 hour waiting period. In addition, each potential purchaser will be required to view a 30-minute video of traffic fatalities. And all purchases must be conducted within a 120-mile radius of the location where the vehicle will be garaged.

To further enhance the safety of Americans, the "car show loophole" needs to be closed. All vehicle purchasers must be subjected to a background check, regardless of who they buy it from. No longer will any person be allowed to simply sell their car through an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist, to their neighbor, or even to transfer ownership to a family member, without having the transaction handled through a licensed car dealership. All purchasers will be required to carry liability insurance to cover any potential damages caused by any person at any future time, even after the vehicle has been purchased, or stolen, by another. And no person shall be allowed to purchase or possess a motor vehicle that holds more than 5 gallons of fuel, nor can it have more than 50 horsepower - nobody needs a vehicle capable of going more than 30 mph or towing a trailer capable of hauling more than 100 pounds. These enhancements to car-control legislation will bring Missouri's motor vehicle law more in line with the most restrictive existing or proposed gun control laws in the country. Not that there is any evidence, nor any reason to believe, that such restrictive policies will in any way, shape, or form reduce the number of motor vehicle deaths - it's the empty gesture that counts, not results.

By the way: Congratulations on being the latest liberal to use a pile of bloody corpses as a soapbox to push an uneducated, uninformed, and thoroughly unintelligent political agenda.

Brian H more than 1 year ago

Comparing it to vehicle laws?? LOL

Nice try. You can't even compare the two. Gun owners don't have to wait till they're 18... nor do they have to take a test. And insurance is REQUIRED.... In fact, all of these things you pointed out would probably be a start for gun ownership.

Sammie more than 1 year ago

That's fine up to the time of purchase...

After the purchase shouldn't gun owners be required to carry liability insurance at least comparable to automobile insurance?

Alan Barbour more than 1 year ago

Tough Gun Laws in Japan

I am not saying I agree with the Japanese approach. But one commenter below suggests that restrictive gun laws do not stop criminals from having guns, in Japan even the criminals avoid guns as the risks of being arrested and not being profitable are too high given the gun rules. Its a country of over 100 million people with nearly statistically insignificant gun violence. Certainly some of that is cultural, but we certainly know that Japanese have at least a violent military history. Countries can change, doing nothing and expecting change is not the answer. see the article linked here:


Leftovervodka more than 1 year ago

Doomed but sad

While doomed, this certainly illustrates the differing approaches to protecting life.

Unfortunately for weapons advocates, the relationship between restrictions and homicides is complex, although trite claims are certainly popular: https://reason.com/blog/2015/09/02/do-strict-firearm-laws-give-states-lower

I do wonder how many folks have to die in a mass shooting for SOMETHING to change. Gads

Shawn more than 1 year ago

Add some provisions

Obviously, there needs to be a provision for rape, because a woman who has been raped needs to be able to obtain and use a gun without restriction.

Michael T more than 1 year ago

"No Way to Prevent This" Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Look, the abortion restrictions don't discourage the determined either, but yet here we are. What they are designed to do is to shame and to communicate society's disapproval and moral weight to the action. And we are COWARDS that we are willing to heap this shame and social approbation on people who, by all accounts, are looking out for their families and the taxpayers, and get positively hysterical when asked to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING to people purchasing a tool whose only purpose is to kill. Shame on us all. We'll batter vulnerable women all the live-long day with our finger-wagging. But ask us to say word one to a hunter, gang member, or recreational marksman and we dissolve in a puddle of hand-wringing. Cowards.

Jana Bee more than 1 year ago

Regulating guns like abortions

Great proposal. Hope it gets more national press. Of course, meant to provoke, but threats to public health and safety from loopholes and inadequacies in gun regulation are far greater than from
Abortions, even considering fetal or potential life.

Leigh more than 1 year ago

how dumb is this?

this is the stupidest bill I have ever seen, You have morons in Government in Missouri and you want to add more moronic idiotic things to the bill, most of the shooting is in st louis. just spend more time getting the bad guys instead of letting them go and attacking the good ones,

jane more than 1 year ago

Gun restrictions are already in place

What a lot of people that have never bought a gun don't know, and probably don't look into, is that felons are not allowed to purchase firearms. Nor are those that have been convicted of a violent crime at even the misdemeanor level. The NICS system runs the background check against the name, SSN and DOB. The violent crimes committed are done by those that either had their firearms acquired through illegal means such as breaking and entering either a vehicle, home or business or had someone with a clean record buy it for them. Or, it was done through a private sale which is also called face to face. Those that do face to face sales that follow the law or give a care about who buys it will require a valid state ID, CCW license or other form of ID so they are on record once the sale is complete. Something that is broken is the judicial system and mental health. I have had personal experiences where someone I know should not have a firearm was able to purchase one despite being admitted to a mental health facility. How? Because his paperwork was not completely filed by the administration that worked the case. This happens more often than any of us would want. Violent crime happens all the time and criminals are going to get the weapons they want one way or another. It doesn't matter what the government puts in to 'make us safer'. These things DO NOT protect the law abiding citizen. They only hinder us from being able to level the playing field when up against someone that will take our life despite cooperating. As for the toddlers shooting parents, get DFS involved. Don't push further gun laws down the throats of those that keep our firearms in safes and gun cabinets. Those that have their guns on their lap after taking whatever and drinking whatever and passing out did this on their own accord and then put their entire family at risk. This is a domestic issue and not statewide. If you want to see how effective restrictive gun laws can be, take a look and California, Illinois and New York. Their crime rates continue to climb. What mass media don't and won't tell you is that states with lower gun restrictions actually have lower violent crime rates. The reason St. Louis was rated the most violent city, next to KC, is that E. St. Louis was lumped in somehow. Look it up! We are not a violent city. We have 'could care less' city police and politicians who think they know best. They just don't know at all.

Anonnabanana more than 1 year ago

Question for you

You wrote: " I know should not have a firearm was able to purchase one despite being admitted to a mental health facility. How? Because his paperwork was not completely filed by the administration that worked the case."

However, it is my understanding that a 2A purist considers *any* laws related to guns to infringe on the Second Amendment. So why would they support laws that prohibit anyone (including the mentally ill or even felons) from buying guns or from being prosecuted if they are found to have guns? As you may have seen recently, because pro-2A people see terrorist watch lists as a civil rights issue, they don't want those people denied guns , either. So I'm not seeing where the room for compromise is that would support your implied position that completed paperwork would resolve even some of these issues.

S Moon more than 1 year ago


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