Police Officers Who Killed Kajieme Powell Won’t Face Charges


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It's about time someone in this city with some expertise stepped up and called these people out! Anyone could watch this video and see this shooting was nowhere close to justified.

J.R. more than 1 year ago


Absolutely! It simply mystifies me that there were other people standing there near Powell who were obviously not threatened, so how were the cops so threatened, with guns drawn, that they had to shoot him? STL deserves better than a circuit attorney's office that could defend these actions as justifiable. I hope that the family wins their civil lawsuit against the police department and sees some justice.

Kathy more than 1 year ago

No Justice

Absolutely agree with Harmening's conclusions. These cops made absolutely ZERO attempt to defuse this situation. At least two pedestrians (one being the person filming) were standing within relatively close proximity to Powell, and they weren't threatened. Why then would two police officers with guns drawn feel they immediately needed to shoot without making one attempt to defuse? As Harmening states, they could have easily gotten behind their SUV for protection. There was no consideration of any other option except blowing this obviously mentally-ill man away. Disgraceful.

Kathy more than 1 year ago

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