May 2020 Incredible Kids

The May Incredible Kid of St. Louis: Elsa



Elsa Strong! On October 29, 2015, Elsa was diagnosed with Leukemia AML. After her stem cell transplant courtesy of her baby brother's cord blood on March 3rd, 2016, she had been recovering wonderfully. Unfortunately a year post transplant Elsa's disease started coming back and she is once again facing AML. This past year it reared its ugly head and Elsa had to leave school, go into the hospital and her mother had to take a leave from her work. Her little brother braved the hospital procedure once again to help his big sister. While she is hanging tough through all of this, she is always supporting others--Jordan is a fellow patient battling cancer. She is one incredible kid!

Elsa is the winner of a $250 Macy's gift card

This month nominate an incredible kid in your life, and they could be named the Incredible Kid of June.

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