March 2020 Incredible Kids

The March Incredible Kid of St. Louis: Gwendolyn


March Incredible Kids Winner

Meet Gwendolyn Kramer. At 5 months old, Gwen was diagnosed with a “rare and complex” neurological disorder. They underestimated how “rare” her disorder would be! To date, Gwen has been studied by St. Louis Childrens Hospital, Washington University for trial studies, Vanderbilt University, Baylor University, Kennedy Krieger, Mayo Clinic, and the Undiagnosed Disease Network.

🐘 Gwen remains “undiagnosed” at this time..essentially her disease is so rare that it has not been discovered yet.

🐘 If a researcher ever determines her rare diagnosis, she will most likely be the first child in the WORLD diagnosed with that disease/syndrome. 🌎

🐘 Gwen and her parents began "Gwendolyn's Gifts" which help children on hospice and palliative care.

Gwendolyn is the winner of a $250 Macy's gift card

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