Courtesy of LotusEater Collective

Take your next yoga class in a church-turned-skate park

Sk8 Liborius, a transformed church in North St. Louis, already combines punk culture and spirituality. Now, it's adding yoga to the mix.


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Photo by Bishoppe Kamusinga

Yoga Buzz instructor April Morrison uses chairs to make yoga more accessible. But, she says, "Chair yoga can be just as challenging as traditional yoga." more

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Courtesy of Race For The Rivers

The 11th annual Race For The Rivers will be held August 26 primarily in Frontier Park; however, paddlers and cyclist will begin in Washington or Weldon Springs. more

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Courtesy of Max Strom

Strom is the author of bestselling books "A Life Worth Breathing" and "There is No App for Happiness." more

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It's almost the dog days of summer, which means more time outdoors with Fido. more

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Photo by Katelyn Mae Petrin

At its Clayton View location, Stonecrest residents can dote on adorable foster dogs from the APA Adoption Center. The program benefits both animals and humans. more

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Courtesy of Gold's Gym

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Tour de Taco - Taco Circus.jpg

Courtesy of Mike's Bikes

Tour de Taco, taking place May 28, is a taco grande for local bikers. more

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Photo by Katelyn Mae Petrin

Park operator Ash King says the project is like traditional trampoline gyms "times 20, on steroids." Flying Spider boasts to having the first indoor zip line over a foam pit. more

May 18, 2017 2:42 PM Fitness


Photo by Kevin A. Roberts

Morgan holds gold and bronze medals from the Paralympic Games. Her advice? Just don't stop. more

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Abby Cohen has spent 25 years in the fitness industry, so she can recommend a workout for any physical need. more

May 18, 2017 6:00 AM Fitness

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