St. Louis School Charts 2016

Every year, St. Louis Magazine publishes a comprehensive guide to the region’s schools, from kindergarten through college—the only place you can find information on public and private schools in one convenient package. In creating these charts, we strove to be as inclusive as possible, inviting more than 200 schools in St. Louis city; Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties; and Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe counties in Illinois to respond to an informational survey. In some cases, data came from public school districts rather than individual schools. All information is self-reported. These charts should just be considered starting points. If your school is in the St. Louis region and was not included in the charts, please email

Note: In the charts, by marking “NA,” the school is stating that the category is “not applicable”; “DND” means “does not disclose”; “int’l” is an abbreviation for “international.”

St. Louis Private Grade Schools 2016


  1. Due to space constraints, SLM was unable to include the many public grade schools, as well as parish elementary schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis or the Metro East. 
  2. This chart includes private schools that had at least 45 students enrolled in preschool–grade 8. 
  3. Some schools also have high schools, but for the purposes of this chart we asked that administrators only include information that pertains up to grade 8. 
  4. 4. Some schools list only grades 6–8. In most cases, these are schools that incorporate middle school grades into their high schools. We included their middleschool students on this chart and their high-school students on the next chart. 
  5. * Only reflects grades 7 and 8. 

Saint Louis Public High Schools


  1. These charts include schools that have more than 40 students enrolled in grades 9–12 this year. 
  2. Some schools in these charts also include middle and elementary school grades. 
  3. Districtwide. 
  4. ** New school; data not yet available. 

Saint Louis Colleges 2016


  1. Due to space limitations, this chart does not include trade schools, seminaries, or institutions with fewer than 1,000 students. 
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, all stastics pertain to undergraduates. 
  3. Annualized tuition 
  4. ** In-state tuition applies to residents of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Indiana, and Tennessee. 
  5. *** Graduates receive a master’s degree; no undergraduate degrees bestowed.