Shake Shack Coming to St. Louis

Founder Danny Meyer on the CWE, concretes, and the Cardinals


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Knew you then

Live in Naples fl now but from St. Louis. I remember how nice a kid Danny was when he worked for wade dewoskin in clayton

Marilyn gold 129 days ago

Checked out his instagram...

No lead info on the specific location.

Nangs 299 days ago


32 North Euclid Avenue

Greg 295 days ago

Love Shake Shack

I grew up in STL but live in Chicago. We now have a couple of Shake Shack locations in the city and there is always a line down the street to get in. The burgers, shakes and concretes are great. Im thrilled for St. Louis!

Sheila Mcshane 299 days ago

Try Dairy King and Wallys in Illinois

I have not been to Shake Shack so am hoping it is great!--But, for a real treat-drive to Illinois and check out Wally's and their competitor Dairy King! Best burgers and shakes--EVER and they have Ski!

Illinois girl 299 days ago

So excited!

Shake Shack is definitely a superior burger! St. Louis needs a great chain like this and the CWE is the perfect location. Danny Meyer is "home town" and I am thrilled he is bringing his amazing food and service back home!

Janet Blanner 299 days ago

The Best Burger and Shake

The best burger and shake I have had since I was a kid. I was in Chicago and had my first and have been waiting for this day

Jason Lehtman 299 days ago

Great for CWE!!

As a resident of the Grove, I am thrilled with this soon-to-be addition to the CWE and am always happy to support a hometown guy. Can't wait for shakes!!!

CJ 299 days ago

Shake shack

Support local restaurants not chains. You can get a shake, griddle burger and krinkle fries at Courtsey diner. Next.

Tino 299 days ago

Competition is GOOD

Enjoy your frozen, pre-made, US Foods quality meal from Courtesy diner then. There's a place for hole in the wall diners such as CD...but you really can't compare Shake Shack to local burger establishments in town. Anytime a chain (or chef or restaurateur) such as SS enters the St. Louis market, it is good for the city and for local restaurants. When the bar is raised, it forces all other restaurants to step their game up.

Welcome home Danny Meyer!

Ted 299 days ago

One word


Mike 299 days ago


Carl's is and always will be my favorite burger...BUT you cannot even begin to compare the overall experience/quality of food of SS to a local restaurant such as Carl's. Both have their place, and competition is GOOD.

Ted 299 days ago

Just go to Steak N Shake

Shake Shack is ok, but not great. The reason everyone on the East Coast is going crazy over it is because there's nothing like it out here. Shake Shack, is at best, a combination of Steak N Shake and Ted Drewes but at about 10 times the price. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I'm just pointing out the obvious. I am a Boston transplant from St. Louis. I was excited to go to Shake Shack the first time...then not so much.

Laura 299 days ago


At about 10 times the quality too

Eric 299 days ago

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