Review: Copia

Copia catches fire again—no, wait, let's rephrase that.



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FLUCTUATING PRICES?!?!?! I work downtown and go here for lunch sometimes. After today I decided I will never go back! We ordered a 33 dollar bottle of wine. We were served a 2016 but our bill said we got a 2015 and was charged 37 (on top of a 4 dollar separate wine tax). When we asked why it was more than the menu stated the server informed us it FLUCTUATES depending on vintage. When I said we got a 2016 but the bill said it was a 2105 and asked if this makes a difference he said "I don't think so". So the vintage determines the wine price but the year difference does not? Every time we go the price of the wine rarely matches the menu and the servers seem to have very little knowledge of the prices. BEWARE!

Kate 14 days ago

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