Fried & Justified: The Best Fried Chicken Institutions in St. Louis



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I'm sure all of these are good, but the humble Popeye's, along with their red beans and rice, is some of the best chicken in the country.

Buford Gooch 98 days ago

Fried chicken

moonlight chicken in fosterburg il and hobo in St peters mo have good fried chicken

Ken Merk 192 days ago

Country Club Fried Chicken at the Wild Flower

Surprised I didn't see Wild Flower's fried chicken on this list, maybe it's because they only offer it on Sundays???

Lilly more than 2 years ago

Awesome Fried Chicken at the Original Crusoes!

Sorry, but the fried chicken at Original Crusoes on Osceola in Dutchtown is hands down better than Hodak's! Sunday is All you can eat chicken or fish. Not to be missed!

C. Aufiero more than 2 years ago

You Missed a good one.

You need to try The Picadilly at Manhattan. Some of the best I have had in town.

Ted more than 2 years ago

Frank and Helens

Frank and Helen's. I grew up on this stuff, it's all I ever knew fried chicken was supposed to taste like, until I moved away for college. My parents and grandparents, well into their retirement years and beyond, considered this their hangout for many years. It's where they would meetup with old friends and make new ones, every weekend. Old-school U. City, at its finest.

Pam more than 2 years ago

Fried Chicken

We have been on a search for fried chicken like John Rice used to serve at Space but alas, those days are gone. Piccadilly's should be on everyone's list and Old Standard gets kudos. The search continues and thank you for adding to our list of restaurants. Bob W

Bob Winters more than 2 years ago


I have twice gotten sick from eating at Piccadilly--no thanks!

Ron Clingenpeel 28 days ago


I'll go on the record as a Southerner (not from Missouri) that Libertine's Fried Chicken is good, but they shouldn't call it Southern. No Southerner puts Italian seasonings in their fried chicken. Delicious, YES. Southern, no. Let's just call it fried chicken and be happy.
Thanks for more recs on places to eat fried chicken in the city! I can't wait to try them!

ChristinaL more than 2 years ago

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