December 2019 Incredible Kids

The December Incredible Kid of St. Louis: Evie


October Incredible Kids Winner

Evie Morgan was born with spina bifida, the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the U.S. Doctors once told us she would never walk, much less dance. The past 2 Junes Evie has performed with her dance studio, Steppin' Up Dance Productions, at her annual dance recital. She participates in ballet, jazz and tap - all with able-bodied peers. Dance has done amazing things for her body including increased strength, endurance, and balance. Not only has Evie shown success on the dance floor she has shown success in raising awareness for the birth defect that has helped shape her life into what it is today. With the help of her mom, Evie runs a non-profit, Evie's Warriors, which strives to raise awareness for spina bifida by holding events, providing information and care packages to newly diagnosed families both in Missouri and across the country. She also helps in fundraising activities to help other families like hers. Whether it's giving her input on a new t-shirt design, selling her cookbooks, or asking for donations at her events, Evie has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to help other "spina bifida families" in need. Evie is now 6 years old and has had a total of 23 surgeries/procedures. You will never catch her without a smile or her JoJo bow!

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