Los Angeles Artist Transforms Abandoned Taco Bell into Temporary Gallery

Eric Wesley had looked for a space to create an off-the-grid gallery and studio in places like “Berlin and all around the world,” but decided that the old fast food location on Camp Jackson Road was exactly what he’d been looking for all along.



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It Takes A Vision

Exciting! Hope it's the beginning of a turn around for Cahokia...God Bless.

becky 316 days ago


I've lived in that town for 34 years glad to see there finally doing something to that place..

joe marty 316 days ago


Well it's about time someone did something worthwhile with that place…and go figure, it took an 'outsider' in all meanings of the word…looking forward to seeing what is birthed there…..Blessings Wesley

Robert Fishbone 316 days ago

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